Best Choices of Kitchen Island Money Can Buy Today

Cove Kitchen Island Black Faucet White Finish

A kitchen island is almost an item that should be there in every kitchen. It is a versatile item that can be the center of all activities in a kitchen. That is a critical reason for a kitchen island being an essential part of kitchen decorating and furnishing. Today there are many choices of such thing in which considerably some of them are the best money can buy.

A freestanding kitchen by Zaha Hadid Design named Cove is amidst the best islands today. It offers fresh geometric lines in the purpose of achieving harmony in design and function. It comes in two different sizes to fit different available spaces. It can be customized in its use to meet different needs of its owners. Sink, cabinets, and drawers are all integrated into this item for the highest level of function. In term of its finish, it is offered in stone, marble and all bright colors from black and white. Another excellent choice is Float from Miras Editions under the name of New Barcelona. It comes in a modular design that includes a sink, preparation area, hob, removable trays, and drawers. It offers additional spaces for oven and dishwasher as well. It is considerably compact with a broad range of possibilities of things to do with it.

There is also the Riff Raff by Wake the Tree Furniture in the form of a handmade kitchen island. The look of this item is in a mid-century style made of black walnut with the metal powder-coat finish. Next on the list is the Aquarium kitchen island by Robert Kolenik, a Dutch interior designer. It has an aquarium under the top surface of it. The aquarium can be lifted easily just by pressing a button. It has an L-shape that offers excellent storage spaces for all things needed in any kitchen. It is unique and functional.

OIKOS kitchen island is the next choice in which it comes with wheels for smooth movement. It can be used to help the cooking or to function as a table with electrical outlets in it. There is an induction stove alongside storage compartments in it as well. It uses steel frame in a black powder coat finish alongside oak in its surface. The last choice is the Pelago with its flamboyance and elegance. It is perfect for a limited kitchen space without eliminating a possibility to show off its granite countertop and aluminum sink alongside some cooking skills.

Oikos Kitchen Island With Two Wheels Black Metal Frame Oak Wood Surface Fruits Black Pot Electric Cooker Black Metal Chair

Riff Raff Kitchen Island Bright White Brick Wall Green Bowl Blue Bowl Yellow Cover

Cove Kitchen Island Black Faucet White Finish

Float Kitchen Island Black Cat Yellow Pillow Round White Sink Copper Tube Veggies White Brick Wall Dark Wooden Windows Black Faucet

Pelago Kitchen Island Granite Countertop Aluminum Sink Cream Cover Finish

Aquarium Kitchen Island Large Rectangular Fish Tank Wooden Floor White Curtain Gas Stove Stone Countertop

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