Beauty and Practicality of Modern Desk Lamps of Various Brands

Studio Desk Lamp Yellow Black White Adjustable Arm Round Base Round Shade

A desk lamp is not just a functional piece of thing in term of lighting, but it is also a decent addition to any décor where it is placed. Thus many companies and designers are trying to create and produce unique looking table lamps that remain functional while also beautiful at the same time. There are several best options to consider today for those who are actually looking to beautify a working space with just a nice piece of the desk lamp.

A handmade piece called T2 has its latest LED technologies without eliminating the bright shine of the lights there. It is pretty bright with less power consumption while the material mix is just perfect. Wood and steel could never be any better. It has USB power so it can be recharged easily from a laptop aside of charging through an electricity socket. Next one is the LIM from Pablo. It comes with a luxurious looking anodized aluminum accent over graphite grey finish. It will be perfect for a masculine décor of office or a workspace.

Flamingo is another decent one as created by Mario Alessiani. It is a handmade piece with metal construction in red finish alongside LED spot for best lighting. Another red lamp is the one called Naked by Shahar Katsav. It will be perfect for an industrial accent or steampunk look in any office or working area. It looks like twisted cables put together with a base and a lamp. Meanwhile, there is the Winkel w127 for warm atmosphere of white led light. It has diffuser lenses and reflector to enhance better functions. Magdalena Chojnacka comes with the 360 table lamps. It is made out of woodblock combined with metal legs. It is minimalist while the head can be rotated accordingly for better function.

Round Lamp emphasizes its shape that is pretty rounded. It has full shallow shade in a 45-degree angle in combination with a steel tube for the leg. In respect to the new technology of OLED, there is the Lanx table lamp from Alessandro Marelli. It is a fragile piece of a table lamp with pretty modern and minimalist appeal. Studio Desk Lamp from Schoolhouse Electric has a rounded shape with an adjustable leg to ensure that it offers the highest level of function. It looks nice as well. One more choice is the Hex Desk Lamp that is considered to be rather futuristic in its geometrical shape with hard edges all over it.

Winkel W127 Table Lamp Red Black Grey Colors Flexible Body Warm Led Fiberglass Material

T2 Desk Lamp Wooden Body Metal Baase Green Usb Powered Cable Led Lights

Studio Desk Lamp Yellow Black White Adjustable Arm Round Base Round Shade

Lim Table Lamp Metal Body Curved Top Led Lights Graphite Grey Finish

Lanc Table Lamp Modern Design Aaluminum Foil Walnut Surface Oled Red Cable

Round Desk Lamp Red Grey Metal Tube Leg Round Base Bright Led

360 Table Lamp Metal Legs Square Wooden Lamp Housing Yellow Cable Books

Flamingo Lamp Metal Support Red Paint Hidden Cable Installation

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