Beautifully Looking Quiet House in Minimalist Décor of a Country Home

Wooden Chairs Denim Cushions Light Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Brown Leather Chair Comfy Chair Glazed Sliding Doors

A tiny spot of land can actually be a beautiful dwelling in the minimalist approach of decoration. There is this one house called Quiet House in a village just south of France done by Artelabo. Privacy and protection is definitely the key in this house although it turns out to be a decent looking house. It may not be that familiar looking house within the area although it really is nice to look at. It is located between the main street, a driveway, and a vineyard shed. So far the project has been a challenging one to deal with its location as well as the views of the valley below it.

In short, the design of this house has the total of four separate volumes in the repeated state. Four courtyards are there just within this small structure in the purpose of avoiding possible strong winds within the area as well as connecting the interior spaces. The repeated volumes of this house are covered with white exterior wall screaming minimalist appeal all the way around. It may be considered to be lacking windows, but the interior is not dark at all due to the courtyards and white color finishes delivering abundant lights for the interior space.

The outdoor and indoor living is intimately connected to each room or volume opens to one to three courtyards. Seamless transition from indoor space to outdoor space is there for sure. The clean color palette is within the interior space that makes it a massive space overall. Minimal décor with a few bold touches such as denim chairs and yellow sofa can be enjoyed there as well without compromising the overall appeal of the décor. In short, the interior can be so glowing light without too much stuff placed there. In short, the interior is so light-filled without too much stuff placed there. It is a smart idea of avoiding cramped space with just much things in a small interior space.

Even the kitchen is done in bright colored wood to go well with the rest of the house. Aside of that obviously some textural touches can be enjoyed within the interior space as well with denim, leather, as well as jute and some other materials. Artelabo has done a great job in combining those elements within a small space of this Quiet House. It is just another example of a small space that can be maximized cleverly to accommodate all that is needed for a modern dwelling really.

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Wooden Chairs Denim Cushions Light Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Brown Leather Chair Comfy Chair Glazed Sliding Doors

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