Beautifully Designed Stone Cabin as a Holiday Retreat

Wooden Dining Table Grey Sofa Chopped Woods Wooden Chairs Panoramic Windows Grey Chairs Hearth

A holiday retreat should be designed and decorated properly to ensure that its guests get the best holiday experience ever. Regardless of the decoration style of any holiday retreat, it can always be done beautifully without compromising important functions of the building referring to the holiday itself. Wooden cabin as well as stone cabin can be said to be popular choices of many people when they are trying to have a decent holiday. So, Laura Alvarez architecture of Amsterdam has designed a perfect stone cabin as a holiday retreat out of stone-ruin. The result is definitely a beautiful holiday cabin with over two-hectare natural landscape around it to enjoy.

Cabana Pasiega that is local words for peasant cabin is the traditional construction known around the area used by Laura Alvarez architecture to design and build the cabin. Yet there are some aspects within the design and décor showing a bit of modern twist for the better overall appeal of the cabin. Big panoramic windows are there in the living room to really maximize the enjoyment of the surrounding. The top hill spot of the cabin grants a decent view of the mountain and the valley around it. That view through the panoramic windows is definitely the main attraction in the living area.

Next to it is the bedrooms that offer private bathrooms along with some openings to an infinite landscape as well. There is a mezzanine above the bathroom core to provide additional sleeping spaces. The glass covering the bedrooms offer high performance characteristic that could warm up the room during winter times. Meanwhile the wooden shutters prevent heat to reach inside the interior during dry summer season.

Different textural features can clearly be enjoyed upon the rough stone exterior and delicate wooden interior. That contrasting effect is a really beautiful one to look at since both of them are considerably natural elements. The cabin is named Villa Slow that is a totally perfect combination of rustic appeal in subtle contrast of several things. Rough and delicate textures, open and closed areas and of course traditional and modern designs in one beautiful holiday cabin can be enjoyed all over the area of this stone cabin. Such idea to combine contrasting elements in one design and decoration of building along with its interior is rather common today. This Villa Slow of Laura Alvarez architecture is just another decent example of such contrasting elements in harmony.

Outdoor Terrace Stone Tile Floor Grass Trees Hills Large Wooden Frame Glass Sliding Door Panoramic Windows Round Wooden Table Chopped Woods Metal Hearth Wooden Chairs Grey Upholstery Stone Exterior

Rectangular Wooden Dining Table Large Round Shades Hanging Lamps Wooden Dining Chairs Grey Sofa Grey Chairs Chopped Woods Hearth Wooden Ceiling Beams Panoramic Windows

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Wooden Dining Table Grey Sofa Chopped Woods Wooden Chairs Panoramic Windows Grey Chairs Hearth

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