Beautifully Designed Opera Camper for Modern Camping

Opera Camper Packed State Attached To A Car

Camping is always a fun thing to do during an outdoor season. Well, obviously there will be certain things needed to make sure that the camping is going to be that fun as imagined previously, right? A camper is definitely the essential aspect of a camping activity. A dependable and functional camper will guarantee enjoyable camping from start to finish. That kind of a camper which also looks beautiful, modern, and luxurious could be even better to use. That idea of a modern looking camper in such luxurious appeal is one thing offered by Einthoven Design though it’s beautiful Opera Camper. It is basically a luxury mobile home that will guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable camping anywhere and anytime.

The name of Opera Camper is there for a particular reason. The design of this camper resembles that famous Sydney Opera House. Well, it can probably be said that this one is an ultimate camper as a fresh take on the traditional design of two-person trailer. Inside the camper, there are all the needs of a household so that camping will be nothing else but fun. Aside from its beautiful appeal and comfortable feel inside, the décor is kept simple while boosting durability aspect of this camper so that it will last for a long time.

Sleeping is one thing that is important in a camper like this one. A highly comfortable sleep can be experienced inside this Opera Camper on two adjustable beds. The beds can be altered form two single beds to a double bed when needed. Surely that is just a start of all good things offered by Einthoven Design. There are a refrigerator, boiler, heating system, ceramic toilet, as well as low-energy LED lights all over the space. It is definitely not that common camper, right? It is a kind of private suite on wheels.

Moreover, it even comes with an outdoor kitchen with its two-pit stove as well as a barbeque. Outdoor cooking will surely be an attraction when camping on this one. There is a wooden cutting board folded in the cupboard while the cookers are powered by onboard gas supply so that there will no need to bring extra gas bottles. Overall this so-called Opera Camper has all things needed for camping to be a real fun anywhere. Those who want to go camping without having to leave all of the modern features and appliances at home should consider this Opera Camper.

Lighted Opera Campers

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Opera Camper Packed State Attached To A Car

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