Beautifully Designed Loft Finished in Warm Shades and Different Textures

Dark Wood Floor Wood Table Wood Benches Blue Velvet Upholstery Framed Wall Artworks Large Vase Decorative Greenery Largw Wood Display Cabinet Decorative Pieces Books

The interior space can look very nice with various textures incorporated in it. Basically, the use of various materials could lead to different textures in an interior space. Surprisingly, different textures could work well in combination with the use of warm tones in a small space. A beautiful loft designed by Huniford Design Studio has its unique and eye catchy details upon using different materials and warm shades. Leather, stone, wood and some other materials can be enjoyed within the space. Overall the interior decoration is highly inviting and cool looking in just the right combination of many things there.

The living room as the main living space and the social area has weathered wood wall panels alongside blue velvet furniture finish. Leather stuff is there as well in a pretty decent contrast with the use of blue tone there. There is a coffee table in its raw finish to scream its unique appeal all over the interior space. The pillows are amidst the leather stuff within this space that add more texture of the décor as it is the wood. Unique lighting fixture accentuates the space for a more personalized feel of the décor like no other place.

Even the entryway to get to this loft has a cool staircase made of weathered wood steps over the dark finished, sturdy metal base frame. Wooden bench in the textured rough finish is there as well along antler design of candle holders. The final touch there is a faux animal skin rug for a more natural feels right there. This spot is considerably chic just like some other corners of this loft.

Meanwhile, the kitchen in its unity with the living area has weathered wood cabinets alongside metal black open shelving unit. Clearly, the open shelving unit is a smart way of avoiding the cramped feel of such tight space like this loft. Rough wood stools are there to warm up the décor of the kitchen further. It is in a pretty much the same style as the coffee table mentioned earlier. Next spot is the bathroom with its tiles and stone accompanied warm-colored wood finish of the entire area. Even the bathtub is made of wood to really maximize the use of that particular material within the interior of this loft. The sink is made of rough stone with functional metal touches completing the bathroom in various textures all together in perfect harmony and mixture.

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Dark Wood Floor Wood Table Wood Benches Blue Velvet Upholstery Framed Wall Artworks Large Vase Decorative Greenery Largw Wood Display Cabinet Decorative Pieces Books

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