Beautiful Vinyl Flooring Collection of Atra Floor with Tile Effects

Fitzgerald Tile Pattern Vinyl Floor Black Wooden Chair

Different materials of the floor will surely offer different characteristics as well as functions. Certain materials may well be preferred over other materials due to some benefits that no other materials can provide. It is important to choose floor material that can deliver more benefits compared to others. The look of the floor should be nice while it should also be highly functional and durable. So, there is a decent option of flooring made of vinyl offered by Atra Floor.

The vinyl flooring offered by Atra Floor is not just like any other vinyl flooring out there. It comes in a pretty eye-catchy design as well as bold appeal all over it. The main feature of this vinyl flooring is that it resembles traditional tile patterns. In short, when this vinyl flooring is installed the floor will look like a traditional tile floor. Looks pretty awesome right? Of course this option of flooring material will offer the entire benefits of vinyl flooring. It is considerably durable to start with. Furthermore, it is perfect for heavy traffic area while pretty much comfortable for the feet while at the same time reducing movement noise. Those benefits along with the beauty of this collection of vinyl flooring from Atra Floor will enhance any interior.

In term of the designs offered by Atra Floor, the inspiration comes from around the globe. Various patterns including the geometric pattern of Portuguese tiles as well as Islamic art can all be found in the collection of vinyl flooring of Atra Floor. Now it will be so easy to have that traditional flair in any interior décor today just by incorporating this vinyl floor in traditional tile patterns. Those who want to have classic interior decoration style can consider this vinyl floor to set the base of the décor quickly.

Mosaic tile pattern will be able to deliver grandeur flair as well as the warm atmosphere in the décor. Meanwhile, there is the Arabesque tile pattern to create luxurious and classic appeal instantly within any interior. Meanwhile, it is also possible to set a modern rustic appeal by incorporating the pattern of Moroccan tile pattern of this vinyl floor. Well, there are many more choices to consider that will quickly help anyone to beautify their houses. One more thing to pay attention is the fact that it needs well-sanded plywood base to get the best result in installing the vinyl floor like this one from Atra Floor.

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Fitzgerald Tile Pattern Vinyl Floor Black Wooden Chair

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