Beautiful Stratified Colors Gradient of the Escape Furniture Collection

The Escape Furniture Colelction By Fernande Mstrangelo Soft Pastel Colors Gradient Bright Finished Walls Concrete Flooring

Playing with colors is one of many ways to create a beautiful appeal of anything. Furthermore, the addition of textures to accompany unique colors could be enhancing the overall appeal of anything at the end. The key is to do it correctly in mixing them. A collection of furniture designed by Fernando Mastrangelo in such experimental way has that particular idea of combining unusual colors and materials. Surprisingly the result is considerably awesome. The furniture collection has the so-called stratified gradient of colors which is rather rare to be seen and found in furniture items.

It is an experimental idea to start the design and build of this unique furniture collection by choosing unconventional materials. Silica, powdered glass, and hand-dyed and are all there within this collection of furniture named Escape along with dreamy pastel tones all over it. Amidst the preliminary steps taken by Fernando Mastrangelo, the result are such sculptural forms of furniture items in that highly unique colors combination without actually using certain finishing methods such as painting.

Amidst this Escape furniture collection, there are several items such as a bookcase, bench, desk, coffee table, credenza and some wall mounted pieces. Each of them has a unique composition of colors unlike anything else. Each of the materials used in the making of those items contributes to the beauty of the finished pieces. Silica itself has a kind of lava-like texture that delivers the base layer of the details along with hand-dyed sand forming the so-called earth ground within the finish of the issues. Meanwhile, there is the so-called crystalline as well in the form of almost translucent glass to create reminiscent textures of skies and water bodies. It is a smart idea to make use of different materials to color the items within this particular collection.

The coffee table as an example is a mix of silica, sand and powdered glass in which each one of those materials delivers its tone to work with others in creating a masterpiece of finish. Meanwhile, the bench within this Escape collection resembles the color of dawn most creatively and beautifully possible as a furniture item. The so-called experimental approach of Fernando Mastrangelo in creating this Escape furniture collection has been succeeded to deliver a unique set of things especially in term of their finish while surely all of them are highly functional as well.

The Escape Furniture Colelction By Fernande Mstrangelo Soft Pastel Colors Gradient Bright Finished Walls Concrete Flooring

Unique Pattern And Texture Of Escape Coffee Table In Blue And Grey Shade

Escape Curvy Bookcase In Pink And Purple Gradient Shades

The Escape Small Desk In Seemingly Sand And Water Pattern Of Blue And Neutral Gradient

Soft Colors Gradient Of The Escape Bookcase Body

Escape Bench In The Gradient Colors Of Dawn Polished Concrete Flooring

Bold Blue Shade And Neutral Gradient Of The Escape Small Desk

Escape Coffee Table In Blue Grey Shades Concrete Flooring

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