Beautiful Nature Oasis in a Piece of Unique Interior Lighting Fixture

Mosslamp Top View Bright Led Light Inside Green Living Moss

Incorporating one or two things with the beauty of nature on them can always be a decent way to spruce up any interior decoration. The theme of nature is one of many things that homeowners love to have today in their living spaces. Such things that could be reminiscent of nature inside a comfortable house are always wanted in many residential dwellings o today. Well, it can be in any possible form of furniture items for interior space with that authentic touch of nature. One decent example is definitely a lighting fixture which is commonly flexible to be incorporated in any interior space.

There is the one named Mosslamp designer Marko Vuckovic that just beautiful to look at without putting aside its functional matter as a lighting fixture. The name of the lamp itself is an indication of its actual elements that include a living moss plant in it. How can it be possible to have an existing plant inside a lighting fixture? In other words, this particular lighting fixture can be said to be a potted plant with light that looks stunning. Marko Vuckovic has long been known to be having decent ways of incorporating natural elements and ideas in interior décor. This one lamp is just another great item of his design involving nature element.

In a simple way, this Mosslamp is a green oasis in a clear glass bowl that looks minimalistic. It is said that the main influence is a town named Malmo in Sweden. Inside the clear glass bowl, there is foam in its pre-formed shape made of recycled plastic. It is the place where the so-called moss plant will grow inside the glass bowl. The foam is designed to be unique in which everyone can personalize it accordingly.

Meanwhile, below the glass bowl, there is a stand made of one piece of the heat-resistant aluminum ring. It is not connected to the bowl at all in which it is where the electrical parts including the LED lights are housed. Thus the light will come from its bottom of the glass tube delivering bright glow most beautifully. Overall this particular lighting fixture is both beautiful to look at and pretty practical to really light up a certain space. It could really be another decent option of modern lamp design with just a bit of nature twist there for everyone to enjoy.

Mosslamp Top View Bright Led Light Inside Green Living Moss

Mosslamp Living Moss Growing Clear Glass Bowl Aluminum Base Led Light

Mosslamp Clear Glass Bowl Green Living Moss Inside Bright Led Light

Mosslamp Pendant Style Clear Glass Bowl Shade Green Living Moss Inside Led Backlight Black Frame

Mosslamp Customized Living Moss Location Clear Glass Bowl Led Light Aluminum Base

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