Beautiful Mix of Modern and Classic Style in the Eppich House

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A unique house is more than just a home with unique décor. Its basic design and even its location can determine whether a house is a unique one or not. This one house called Eppich House is an example of a single home in its design, look, and location. It is located on a slope just above a water surface. Furthermore, it has curved lines in which it can then be considered as a designer beacon. In short, this house for a steel manufacturer is nothing but unique.

Amidst many aspects of this unique house, there is a secure connection to the surrounding nature for sure. Along the way of its curvilinear lines of design, the idea is directly delivered by its general contractor and its owner, Hugo Eppich. It is located in West Vancouver with three levels set accordingly to sit tight on a slope of the site. Each level of this house has a greenhouse space in half-vault design featuring glass blocks for the better privacy of the inside. The metal elements inside the house are pieces by Erickson and Francisco Kripacz. Overall there ate polished steel columns, extensive glazing, and water elements to deliver the idea of being closer to the surrounding nature.

The middle level of this house is considerably the central living space. There are bedrooms in both above and below to accommodate family members. Colors and textures have been mixed pretty well inside the interior decoration of this house. Yellow leather in the living room is an example of that texture and bold color combination. The result of that piece addition is a vibe of mid-century modern. Meanwhile, inside the master bedroom, there is a rather vivid tone of bold turquoise bed accompanied by bright orange chairs. All of the mixes are nothing but beautiful in many ways.

A surprising thing about this modern looking Eppich House is the fact that even eagles, bears and raccoons are often visited it. The Landscape design by Cornelia Oberlander with an iconic large sized lily pond is the main reason of that. Despite the fact that it is a modern looking house, its seamlessly blended design with the surrounding makes it pretty comfortable for nature dwellers to enjoy it as well. In the end, it is okay to consider this Eppich House as a masterpiece of house design for sure.

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Corved Design Leather Upholstered Sofa And Chairs Glass Surfaces Coffee Table Potted Greenery Wooden Ceiling Black Fireplace Small Round Metal Table Glass Walls

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