Beautiful Living Room Décor in Black Walls

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Certain colors are considerably the common choices for living room décor. Obviously most people will prefer to have their living room in bright tones. Combining just the right colors can be crucial in making a statement or forming a decent atmosphere within the décor. Various effects can be produced easily when adding one color to another color. So, when dealing with living room décor or any other interior décor it is crucial to pay attention to the selection of color to make. Wrong combination of colors will definitely result in a not so beautiful interior décor at the end.

It is true that some styles of interior décor promote the use of dark shades. Scandinavian style is an example of it. Monochromatic color scheme with dark shades can be said to be the key features in Scandinavian style décor. Some people may consider it to be gloomy while some others think of it as a nice color combination. Surprisingly, it is highly possible to create a living room with dark walls while still pretty much attractive and appealing at the same time. Well, how to do it?

It is crucial to measure the amount of dark shades in a living room to ensure that it looks just right. It should be started by creating a black statement wall. Surely it is just s start to the entire décor of the living room. A black statement wall can be the center of other features within the décor. It is crucial to pick the method in getting the black statement wall. It can simply be black painted wall or dark wooden wall. Adding textures into the color of black is going to be beneficial as well for the entire decoration. Bold rocking tones of other items should be added into the décor as well in purpose of balancing the black wall. They can be in large furniture items or small decorative items all over the living room.

Aside of just having a statement black wall, it may well be okay to have several black walls. The idea is to go for that moody style of interior décor today. Minimalist décor in moody color scheme is a nice choice today. Basically the idea is just to combine black with darker shades of various colors together. In this case be sure to pay attention to bright items to really accentuate and highlight the décor properly for the best appeal of the entire living room décor.

Black Wall Black Sofa Accent Pillows Patterned Grey Rug Wooden Floor Wooden Shelves Small Square Table Books Metal Shade Ceiling Lamp Large Artistic Photograph

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