Baghdad Table, When The City Map Comes on a Table

A Part Of The City Map Detail Of A Baghdad Table

Inspiration can come from anything, anywhere, and anytime. Creative people can make something based on their inspiration they get such as food, nature, animal, and so on. Today, I am going to talk about a table which is made from an unusual inspiration. It is a city map! For you who like something different and an unusual thing to be placed in your space, let’s have a look at this.

A city map all its imperfections and pretty touches can be a smart inspiration or can be a part of a design. In the hands of the creative person, the imperfections of a city map can be turned into a perfect furniture. Edra is a person who has such magic hands.

Baghdad table by Edra is manually welded anodized aluminum table in the shape of a city map. More than 700 pieces of extruded aluminum are used to create a detail planimetry of the Iraqi capital in the table. By knowing the number of aluminum that is used, we know that detail is a great point in this table. Edra makes the Iraqi capital city map in the table as detail as possible to get a real look. The legs of the table use aluminum as the material. It is a great choice because it will make the table strong and tough in its standing. Yet, the part that will grab people’s attention is the surface. The unique and detail shape of a city map that can be looked through the surface is really undeniable. The Baghdad table is available in regular and irregular versions. Besides, it is also available in two heights. The shape of a city map on the surface of this table is amazing, in fact. Yet, if some of you still think it is too ordinary and common, choosing an uneven shape is a good idea to make it more unique and extraordinary.

Since the shape of this table is unique, it will grab everyone’s attention wherever you place it. You may place it in the entryway, living room, dining area, or the other spaces. Not only in the home, can this extraordinary table be placed also in hotel lobbies or other public spaces, especially in Baghdad itself. It will be very helpful for the tourists who come to the city because they can scan the map if you put it in the public area, especially in Baghdad city. As the design of this table is urban design, it will fit any modern or minimalist space. It can also be a bold show stopper.

A Baghdad Table With City Map Top

A Part Of The City Map Detail Of A Baghdad Table

A Baghdad Table With Black Chairs Around It

The City Map Detail Of A Baghdad Table

A Man Making The City Map Detail Of A Baghdad Table

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