Back Country House with New Zealand Huts Inspired Décor

Firewood Stockpile Wooden Planter Growing Plants Trees Greeneries Green Grass Black Hearth Chimney Outdoor Terrace

Anything can always be the basic idea of designing and building a residential house. Furthermore, it is common today that traditional looking hose from the exterior offers modern and sophisticated furniture in its interior. So, the idea of having a traditional style residential house inspired by New Zealand huts in the middle of wilderness is just perfect for David Maurice. He is an architect of LTD Architectural who has just finished a project of creating the so-called Back Country House for him and his family to reside. Traditional appeal of New Zealand huts can be seen in term of the exterior while the interior is something else.

The house is so close to the environment due to certain features of its build. The house is a two-story house with a decent reinterpretation of the so-called backcountry huts of New Zealand. In short, it can be considered to be a simple shelter in the wilderness that can be inhabited and enjoyed by anyone.

The build of this house features single volume at the ground level that delivers several functions together. Cooking, eating and lounging can all be done on the ground floor which then opens out to the exterior terrace as the extension of the living space. There is an outdoor fireplace on the terrace to ensure that space can be used all year long. There are two sunken tubs as well within the outdoor area so that anyone can enjoy outdoor bathing. The fact that the tubs are sunken into the deck means that they can be covered in the wooden table for outdoor dining or any other thing. The exterior walls of this house are covered in weathered wood from the locals.

The interior is overall so inviting with a hanging chair, a hearth, as well as some musical instruments. The master bedroom is upstairs that features a long working desk so that that specific area can be functioned as a home office as well. The bed is suspended to make it even more comfortable and relaxing upon its use. There are skylights over the bed to get as many natural lights as possible. Overall the interior décor is very simple bot enjoyable. The entire project in designing and building this house has been successful as planned and intended by David Maurice.It looks pretty simple from the outside but still pretty awesome inside .

Firewood Stockpile Wooden Planter Growing Plants Trees Greeneries Green Grass Black Hearth Chimney Outdoor Terrace

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