Bachelor House with Minimalist Décor and Restraint Color Scheme

Grey Kitchen Island Wooden Flooring Blac Glossy Fridge Ceiling Lights Black Tap Electric Cooker Wooden Floating Cabinet

A bachelor house is pretty close to the idea of a man cave. A masculine appeal is the common trend of a bachelor house within this modern time. Well, it will be perfect to combine the idea of a man cave alongside masculine appeal of the decoration in a highly functional modern living space of a bachelor. It sometimes called a bachelor’s pad instead of house in which the idea is the same. A decent bachelor’s house in Poznan of Poland can be so inspirational with its neutral and considerably restraint color scheme involving grey, white and black in its interior décor.

It is a bachelor’s pad since basically, it is an apartment with really wide use of warm finished natural wood inside. The entire living space is just 80 square meters in which Metaforma does the designMetaforma. The use of minimalism at the highest level is all over the interior although there are strong characters to be seen all over it. Large windows are there to maximize the lights entering the interior to enlarge the space visually. Earthy colors alongside natural materials can be seen there as well by the views of large trees around the area.

There is a modified staircase inside to create a more linear build in which some parts of it are placed along the glass façade. The living room is better organized in the new layout manager so that there could be a clear distinction between the dining space with a dining table and some chairs. Decorative emphasis is a window to provide great views and rich natural memorable lights for the interior.

Meanwhile, there are some more personal touches as well within the interior with some collectible items on display. The most visible personal detail is the display of Ferrari car models. There are several different models on display there in which the bold red color of them accentuate the décor filled with natural colors. Some music discs can also be seen to add the value to the décor since that is another thing collected by the owner of this space. It is not that hard to create an ultimate bachelor’s pad or even house. Some personal touches should be added though to maximize the authenticity of the decoration ideas within the space.

Grey Kitchen Island Wooden Flooring Blac Glossy Fridge Ceiling Lights Black Tap Electric Cooker Wooden Floating Cabinet

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