Art Deco Bathroom for Your Style

A Bathroom Features White Brick Walls, A Bathtub, And A Wooden Table With A Vase Of Flowers On It

A style of visual arts, architecture, and design that first come up in France just before World War I is called art deco. It mixed modernist styles with excellent craftsmanship and luxurious materials. The bold geometric form of Cubism strongly influenced it. This style becomes our beloved style because it is bright, modern, geometric, and very sophisticated. This time, we would like to talk about art deco of bathrooms. If you have no idea how to decorate your bathroom with this style, we will give you some. Let’s check it out!


Marble is an everlasting idea for your bathroom, and an art deco of the shower will look very outstanding with various kind of sculpture. There are white, grey or black, or both on the floor and walls. For the tiles, you may go for the glossy ones like black, white, navy, emerald, or the other colours that you love. Black and white, as the primary colour, are the most popular one for decorating art deco spaces, and creating various geometric patterns on them will give a chic look. Subway tiles are also suitable. Their look is intensely fabulous, and they are not pricy. Besides, this kind of pipes has made a considerable comeback now. For you who do not to follow that idea and want something more eye-catching, you may choose to have art deco printed wallpaper. You have to remember that it should resist the humidity, which is a basic for bathrooms.


You can highlight your art deco style using your bathroom vanity. It may be a super black and brass, a double or a single, or a stunning black with geometric inlay. You may also go for a marble vanity. Just a marble countertop is enough to make your bathroom looks fabulous. Matching geometric details with the right mirror is a great idea. Sunburst mirrors will give you a glorious 1920s style to space. Brass and copper are suitable for decoration, and you may also use different fixtures in such metals to wrap the parts of your bathroom.

Touches of Glam

Some of you may want to add a glam touch to your space, and art deco style will help you a lot. You can take it from a gorgeous crystal chandelier, metallic contacts from silver, brass, copper, and maybe lots of glasses or mirrors. Adding an enhanced lamp and an antique gold-plated frame to a mirror to your art deco room is a great idea. You can also place some bold geometric stools in some metallic shades, geo rugs, and maybe some chic curtains to the window if any.

A Statement Mirror And Chandeliers Hanged On A Black Wall Over A Sink With A Vase Of Flowers And Some Bottles On It

A Mirror Hanged On The Black And White Geometric Wall Over A White Sink With A Pot, And Some Containers On It

A Mirror Hanged On The Wall Over A White Sink Beside A Bathtub Corner

A Bathroom Features White Brick Walls, A White Bathtub, And A Marble Sink

Two Tall Mirrors And Three Lamps Hanged On The White Brick Wall Over A Sink

A Bathroom Features White Brick Walls, A White Bathtub, And Some White Towels

A Bathroom Features Marble Walls, A Marble Bathtub, And A Cabinet

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