Appealing Décor of a Modern Apartment Involving Wood and Marble

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A modern décor in an interior space may not always be simple. In fact, several different elements can be combined to create a unique appeal of interior décor with the basic idea of modern style. Yet it has to be done properly though. An apartment is commonplace with the use of modern décor since it will commonly be having a tight space inside. Although there are some larger apartments as well, modern décor is considerably the start of decorating the interior space of an apartment. Surprisingly even a muted color scheme can look good in an apartment just like this one in Moscow.

A renovation project done by Geometrium of an apartment for three along with a cat is just awesome. The main concept is to reflect the lives and interest of the owners of this apartment. Soothing atmosphere is the one wanted by the family along with a home office and a hobby space for the husband as well as a painting space for the wife. The result of the renovation is a nice looking apartment space that is just perfect for the family.

The floor plan of the apartment has just been altered completely along with the addition of a wine cellar, a bathroom, and a storage space inside the closet. The new floor plan has a kitchen connected seamlessly to the living room area. The bathroom, on the other hand, is borrowing some space from the corridor of this rather large apartment. That particular corridor actually leads to the living room with the addition of a floating cabinet to define the space further. The cabinet serves as a storage unit as well as a space divider. Overall the interior looks great with all of its functional items providing just the needed functions for everyone in the apartment.

In term of the color scheme of the interior, there is nothing else but muted and natural. Wooden tones are the main tones all over the interior with a bit of accentuating colors here and there. Metallic accents, as well as marble accents, can be seen within certain areas of the interior of this apartment. Yet the only space with a rather cheerful appeal is the kid’s room in which that is pretty reasonable. Overall the color scheme screams modern all around the space with many accentuating items to see here and there when properly noticed.

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