An Unique Furniture Series Based on Rorschach Psychological Tests

A Unique Furniture In Five Different Colors

Are you an anti-mainstream person? Are you a person who like something unique and unusual? Do you like to have something extra ordinary? You come at the right time. Having a unique item in our space is a need since our space’s look will be spruce up and can grab people’s attention. Today, I am going to talk about furniture that is unique and awesome.

This unique item is called Reinis Ducmanis’ Rorschach. This kind of item is created to have an abstract idea of both the function and the shape. The designer has worked on an object with no obvious purpose and which does not disclose its role, but that is the reason for people to look for such a unique item.

This furniture was born in the inspiration of a psychological test. The Rorschach visual psychological tests inspire the concept and the visual image of this unique item. What are the Rorschach visual psychological tests? The Rorschach visual psychological tests are some tests of abstract inkblot prints which are used to analyze psychological state, characteristics, and emotions of a human being. Each person can see something different in these inkblot prints. That is exactly the purpose that Reinis Ducmanis want to achieve with this furniture.

This furniture is created by the designer in a furniture series which is purposely abstract. This is done because the designer what to make people look for applications that are appropriate exactly for them.

For example, some of you need to store some things that are used more often than the other things on you daily life such as the book you like and read every time, a magazine or newspaper that you read every morning, your mobile phone, your tiny wallet, or a coffee cup. Unfortunately, you do not have any permanent place in the room. You can use this kind of unique item to store all those things that you often use. Besides, Reinis Ducmanis’ Rorschach can also be used as a coffee table that will make your coffee morning more outstanding. You may also use it as a stand for an audio system of TV. That is a good idea to get a catchy eye look of your audio system or TV. Moreover, this kind of awesome thing can be used as a bedside table that placed beside your bed, or a bench to make your space more outstanding.

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A Unique Furniture In Five Different Colors

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