An Interesting Apartment with Colorful Touches

A Emerald Cabinet With Books, A Pot, And A Lamp On It, And A Frame Above It

Many of you like to have attractive interior, don’t you? Having an attractive and fabulous interior is everybody’s dream. Different interiors can give different effects for our feeling and also create different atmospheres. A nice and fabulous interior can give a good ambience that can create a good mood. Different from it, a usual and unwell organized interior can create a bad mood for your whole day. In this time, I am going to talk about an apartment that has wonderful interiors that may inspire you. Let’s have a look at it!

This apartment shows art deco style of the interiors. The interiors are designed by an interior designer Allison Lind. Lind has smartly designed the interior as the fabulous one. There are many color touches that fill the interior, and they look very chic and interesting. Let’s have a tour of this apartment to look the interiors closer!

Let’s start with the entryway. In the entryway, you will find a gorgeous console table in navy and gold and a shape which can grab everyone’s attention. A cool shaped mirror also place over it to complete the look. On the floor, there is a geometric rug that continues the theme of the color in that space. Such a beautiful decoration!

This apartment can be said as a jaw-dropping apartment, and the most jaw-dropping space in this building is the master bedroom. This space is built in an amazing shade of purple. A stunning crushed gold velvet bed is chosen to fill this space, and it looks fabulous and amazing at the same time because of its wonderful contrast. You will also find a geometric black and gold desk at the window and matching black nightstands. Many various brass touches that are added to give glam fell to the space.

Now, let’s have a look at the living room. The living room of this apartment is not a big space but it is hidden with the help of the light shades which are used for decoration. The opposite walls of the space are covered with two different types of wallpaper which is done in very attractive prints. In this space, you will find a gorgeous creamy velvet sofa with acrylic legs and gold geometric mirrors.

The next room will be very interesting. It is a rounded dining room and salon which is united as one. Such a space is done in neutrals which is made more vibrant with a teal leather bench by the window and a saturated wood dining set with a round table. An attractive art deco wooden bar with brass touches is added to make the look cooler.

A Wooden Cabinet With Books, A Vase, And Some Ornaments On It, And A Mirror In Brass Frame Hung Above It

A White Sofa With Colorful Cushions, A White Armchair, A Glass Top Table Placed On A White Rug Facing The Windows

A Room With White Sofa And Two Mirrors In Brass Frame Placed Above

A Room With White Sofa Facing A TV Above A Wooden Desk

A Vanity With Some Vases Attached On The Soft Blue Wall

A Black Side Table With Books, Clock, And Greenery On It Beside A Grand Bed With Black And White Pillows

A Blue Space With Grey As An Additional Color And Light Colored Ahy Wood Create A Very Relaxing Ambience

A Bedroom In Purple Walls And Ceiling Features A Grand Bed With Black And White Pillows Placed On A Rug

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