An Inspiring Renovated Old House

Two Mirror Hung On The Wall Over A Floating Wooden Stand

Do you ever think to renovate an old house to be a modern and style one? Today’s topic will make you amaze and inspired because today I am going to talk about an old house which is transformed into a modern home. This house is recently renovated. This building is located in the Roncesvalles or High Park neighborhood of Toronto. This house is an inspiring example for you who think about transforming an old house into a modern and functional home. Are you curious to see it? Let’s see more.

The first area that we are going to look is the dining space. This space is incredible with a monochromatic dining set and a colorful artwork. A framed window becomes the coolest thing in this room because it gives a great view from the outside while the owner is enjoying his food. There is also a cozy seating space near a fireplace, a bold neon chair, and a creamy sofa. One wall of the area is used to place ample storage and a TV.

There is always a kitchen in a house, and this house has one. The cooking in this house is done in all-white and completed with sleek cabinets, a marble backsplash, and a marble kitchen island. Such a space becomes more outstanding with the touch of large suspended bird cages with faux birds. There is also wood covered the wall with built-in appliances that functional. A kitchen is designed to be as comfortable as possible. The interior and the ornaments that are used in this kitchen is positively brought comfort and good mood for everyone who is cooking in this space. The choice of the decorations also adds a stylish look of the area.

The second living room is beautiful in white and with wainscoting to create an eye-catching backdrop for colorful furniture and accessories. In this room, you will find a navy sofa and matching curtains, mauve chairs, and a built-in fireplace. Some metallic touches are added to the space to give a chic feel.

Here we go to the master bedroom. The master bedroom is designed as a peaceful and cozy space. Such an area is done with grey upholstery and grey dressers that have a role as nightstands. As same as the second living room, this space is also completed with some metallic touches. Besides, mid-century lamps are also added to the area to make it more outstanding. A pink bedding help to create space softer.

A Living Room Consists Of A Navy Sofa With Cushions, A Table With Many Stuffs On It, And A Mirror Over A Built In Fireplace

The White Cabinet And A Marble Kitchen Island With Black Stools And Bird Cages Over It

A Colorful Artwork Hung On The Wall Near A White Table With Black Chairs Around It And A Lamp Over It

A White Bathtub Placed By The Window Near A Pot, A Storage, And A White Rug

A Kitchen Is Done With White Cabinet And A Marble Kitchen Island With Black Stools

Two Mirror Hung On The Wall Over A Floating Wooden Stand

A Staircase Near A Colorful Rug And A Geometric Ottoman

A White Bathtub Placed By The Window In A Room Beside A Room With A Pink Daybed And A White Lamp Over It

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