An Inspiring Modern Apartment

A Door In A Bedroom With A White Bed With White Pillows And A Black Blanket

Are you looking for some ideas for the apartment? Are you a person who like the modern style of dwelling? What I bring may be the answer to your quest. This time I would like to talk about a modern apartment that is amazing and stylish. Keep on watching and get inspired!

This apartment has a size of 72 square meters. This building is located in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel. The team consists of four designers who are in charge of this building. They are Galya Ben-Asher, Amir Navon, Moran Adir, and Michal Gutman. This kind of apartment is a historic building. It is firstly built in the 1940s, but it has been renovated and get its update.

There is a family consists of a young couple and two children. They are the owners of the apartment. The young couple decided to move from the city about eight years ago to have more space to raise their family. Such an apartment become their destination when they want to escape from their craving time in an urban environment. This building becomes a place where they can get peace and can relax. The owner loves the sophisticated modern style. Beside it is the want of the owners, the two techniques are also easy to be maintained. Therefore, the team of designers in great teamwork try to make it real.

If you look at the whole apartment, overall is done in monochromatic shades. The designers added the furniture in a monochromatic color palette of black and white with the occasional accent color thrown in. The various windows in this building give so much natural light and air to space. It makes you feel that space is much more significant when you enter this building.

Now, let’s come closer to the spaces inside. The kitchen is made as a bold smoky blue kitchen. The bright shades of the area are tied up into the artwork over the sofa. There is a large window with a curtain that has a function to be a divider to separate the master bedroom from the living space. The window can be opened and closed to give more privacy to the master bedroom since a bedroom is pretty private for some people. There is also a small working desk which is built with a floating desk attached to the wardrobe, and it is paired with a pink chair. The glass keeps the sight lines open while letting light pass through. The frame also gives additional seating to the living space.

Blue Counter With White Countertop And Black Sink

A Set Of Black Dining Table With Chairs Placed Near A Kitchen With Blue Counter

A Frame Of Artwork Hung Over A White Bed With White Pillows

A Room Features A Grey Sofa With Pink And Grey Cushions, A Pink Seating, Two Coffee Tables, And A Colorful Rug

Two Doors In A Bedroom With A White Bed With White Pillows And A Black Blanket

A Door Near A Bedroom With A White Bed With White Pillows And A Pink Blanket

A Bathroom With A Shower Room In Black Shade

A Set Of Black Dining Table With A Lamp Over It Between A Blue Counter With White Countertop And A Grey Sofa With A Fabric On It

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