An Inspiring Minimalist House with Warm Atmosphere and Textural Appeal in Antwerp

White Ceiling Wooden Chair White Marble Themed Bathroom White Framed Glass Windows

Looking at an awesome house with a decent decoration in its interior is always a good way to get inspired. There will surely be many ideas that can then be adopted to get the same effect as that inviting house. Well, a minimalist themed décor is somehow getting its popularity more and more today. An example of modern minimalist house can be found in Antwerp as a piece of work by Nicolas Schuybroek. It really is a perfect example of beauty over minimalist theme in a house. The highlighted idea is that minimalist does not necessarily have to be black and white only. Textures can still be added to deliver a more comfortable and warm atmosphere inside.

It is true that the house is finished in neutral tone featuring cream, beige, grey, black and white. Yet it looks nothing but beautiful. The thing is that aside of the neutral tones there are textural features such as exposed wooden beams of the ceiling and herringbone flooring. Overall it looks pretty modern without being too boring in its neutral look. Natural light can easily enters the interior through large windows there to highlight the textures inside the décor in which marble as well as stone can be seen there.

Its living room has stone flooring at the bottom while on top the wooden ceiling beams are exposed beautifully. Cool furniture can be seen there in front of a fireplace as well as a wooden coffee table in low height. The table looks rough and chunky that can be considered as a focal point in a rather peaceful interior in calm shades. Even the bathroom has its own part to look great. It is spacious and full of lights since there is a large window in it. White marble is there mostly that reflects the light entering through the window.

Meanwhile other parts of the interior house a dining space. It is separated from the kitchen using only a half wall with the wooden dining set can be seen there. Meanwhile the kitchen is finished in white marble just as the bathroom. Yet it has a bit of glazed walls to deliver a completely different accent of the décor there. Right from the entrance of this house to every corner of it there is nothing but minimalist appeal to enjoy. Clearly Nicolas Schuybroek has done it beautifully to show that minimalist décor can always be nice to look at and totally inspiring, right?

White Marble Shower Wall And Floor Black Shower Outlet And Taps Black Framed Glass Door

Rough Wood Coffee Table Curvy Grey Sufa Fireplace Marble Clad Black Floor Lamp Wall Artwork Wooden Ceiling Beams Wooden Chair Wooden Lounger

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White Ceiling Wooden Chair White Marble Themed Bathroom White Framed Glass Windows

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