An Inspiring Eclectic Contemporary Home

A Kitchen Features Grey Kitchen Set And Some Stools

Hello fellas! nice thing is to talk about the house that inspires. In this great time, I would like to talk about an inspiring home. For you who are looking for some inspiration for your home, you are in the right place and time. Let’s check it out!

This inspiring and gorgeous home we are going to talk about this time is located in London. This home looks traditional, while the interiors of this home follow eclectic and contemporary design. This house has gorgeous five bedrooms. Grand proportions give the perfect stage to highlight bold colors, ornate wallpapers, and statement art.

Let’s see at the living room. In this room, you may find thick yellow sofas, zebra print chairs, artificial fireplaces, lots of colorful artwork, and beautiful print carpets. There is a second part of this space, and this is fabulous with a blue sofa and an upholstery printed coffee table. This space is designed to be colorful and attractive which can grab everybody’s attention. There are also plenty eye-catchy details if you see it more profound.

Let’s move to the dining room. In the dining space, you will find a vintage non-working fireplace, a wooden table, and coral chairs. Some artworks and colorful rugs beautify this space. This dining room is a part of a large open layout of the home, and light floods this space. Move to the kitchen. You may see that the kitchen is done in graphite grey. Coral tile backsplashes, a marble kitchen island, and some pendant lamps make such a space complete.

A floral print upholstered bedroom and some proper curtains and nightstands with floral covers build a gorgeous master bedroom. There is a second part in this space, and this part consists of a non-working but fabulous fireplace, a gorgeous creamy lounger, and a wardrobe and some pendants lamps for the light source. The design of this master bedroom is given the relaxing and magnificent feel.

We have talked about the living room, the dining space, and the master bedroom of this gorgeous home. Next, let’s talk about the master bathroom. A bathroom is crucial in a house, and this home has a very fabulous master bathroom. This space is done with flora print walls, a marble shower, and vanity. Brass touches also have a role to make this space more outstanding. A vintage free-standing bathtub painted blue becomes a subtle statement in this bathroom.

A Blue Sofa With Colorful Cushions, A Chair, And A Pink Table Placed On A Rug

A Marble Kitchen Island With A Vase Of Flowers On It And Three Lamps Over It

A Living Room With Yellow Sofa, Two Chairs, And A Glazed Table Placed On A Rug

A Pink Bedroom Features A Bed In Pink Shade And Some Other Furniture

A Space Features A White Day Bed Placed On A Rug And Windows With Floral Curtains

A Bedroom Features A Large White Bed In Floral Frame And A Table Side With Floral Tablecloth

A Living Room With Yellow Sofa And A Glazed Table Placed On A Rug In A Room With White Walls

A Kitchen Features Grey Kitchen Set And Some Stools

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