An Inspiring Colorful Mid-Century Modern Home

A Living Room Features Two Yellow Velvet Chairs And A White Table Placed On A Rug Near An Attractive Fireplace

Hello fellas! Still, want to get some ideas about a mid-century home? In this time, I would like to talk about a gorgeous home that may inspire you. Are you curious enough? Let’s have a look at it and get inspired!

This neat house is located on a secluded property in Berkeley Hills. This building was built in 1965. Not a young home, indeed. There is an interesting thing about this home. This building blends a clean and minimalist look with pops of colors and fabulous pieces of art.

Architect David Yama of Yamamura Design in collaboration with interior designer Alison Damonte is the person in charge to give this mid-century modern home a look which is fresher. The owners want to remodel the house become a home with a minimal look so that they can put art and photography at the center of the stage. Artwork and photography primarily can be highlighted in a space with a minimal look, so it is a bright idea to remodel the home into a minimal look home.

This 3-story home had grabbed its owners’ heart with breathtaking views. In the living room, you will find an extraordinary beautiful original cast concrete fireplace. This amazing fireplace is constructed in Mexico in the 60’s. Some of the lemon yellow velvet seats and geometric pieces were added to the room to get a bold and exciting atmosphere. Wooden beams are also combined to bring coziness to space.

Let’s have a look at the kitchen. The kitchen is small and dark for the first time, but it was renovated into a big open space. Such an area is done with the combination of geometric tiles and white casework with vibrant and colorful seating items. The dining space shows mid-century modern, colorful furniture like a wooden dining table and some artworks. There is also a sunburst chandelier which is very loveable.

The master bedroom is done with a watercolor wallpaper, and it has soft shades of blue and grey for the decoration. Some artworks and a comfy bench by the window are also added. You can find a sleek dark fireplace, which is rarely used but still attached to space. The bathroom is neutral space with subway and hex tile of clam shades, a shower, and a tile clad bathtub.

This home is a beautiful example of the mid-century modern home which is flooded with colorful touches, and bright open spaces. Get inspired and grab some ideas for your home!

A Living Room Features Two Yellow Velvet Chairs And A White Table Placed On A Rug Near An Attractive Fireplace

Two Women Chatting In A White Kitchen Island With Some Stools And A Bowl Of Fruits On It

A Bedroom With Watercolor Wallpaper Behind A Bed And A Wooden Side Table

A White Round Table With A Pot On It Paired With A Yellow Chair And Green Sofa With Colorful Cushions

A Bathroom With White Hexagon Tiles And A Large Mirror Over The Bathtub

A Grey Sofa With Colorful Cushions And A Stone Bench With A Ball And A Pot Of Cactus On It

A Sleek Dark Fireplace Near A Pot Of Plants And There Is A Frame Hung Over It

A Pot Of Cactus And A Blue Desk With Some Pots On It Placed In Front Of A White Wall With A Frame On It

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