An Enjoyable Villa Ypsilon with Great Views and Unique Appeal

Glazed Walls White Kitchen Cabinetry White Coffee Table Grey Sofa Oranges Ceiling Lights White Chairs

A holiday home should be unique so that it will be a place to hide just a while from those menacing daily routine. Those who live in a crowded city with the fast-paced environment will surely enjoy a calm atmosphere in a unique holiday home that looks pretty different from their actual homes. Well, there is this so-called Villa Ypsilon in Greece as a pretty enjoyable holiday home. Its overall appeal is stunning accompanied by great views of its surrounding to complete the unforgettable holiday there. The entire aspects of this Villa Ypsilon are highly inspirational that could even be adopted and incorporated in other places.

So, this villa has only about 150-square meters of space in which LASSA did the design and decoration. That is a firm with its base in London and Brussels. A particularly unique feature of the design is that its owner could climb up onto the roof to enjoy and admire the beautiful view of Peloponnese peninsula of Greece. That is the main attraction of this holiday home for sure. Yet the beauty of the surrounding natural elements is not the only thing to expect in this villa though.

The roof is formed by incorporating three-pronged shell of concrete in which it frames the ground level courtyard at the same time. There is a facade placed in an inward direction in order to provide shade for the terrace. Furthermore, there is a nice looking swimming pool in the shape of an eye as well as a graveled patio. Those two features are here to really boost the holiday experience by spending as much time as possible in the outdoor areas. Meanwhile, there is a sunken seating spot as well in another area of this villa for comfortable chats and drinks. Overall those are the three courtyards of this villa designed to enjoy sunlight at different times of the day.

Within the interior area, there are three bedrooms alongside two bathrooms facing the east direction. Furthermore, there is an open living space area right on the south side of the building with its access to the courtyards mentioned earlier. In term of the color scheme of the décor, white is the only choice to be seen there. It really enhances the atmosphere of a holiday home inside this villa. Meanwhile, local materials were used along the building of this villa to get accentuating textures within the decoration.

Villa Ypsilon Above View Greeneries Eye Shaped Pool Dried Lawn Pathways White Exterior Wall Concrete Accents

Light Blue Swimming Pool White Finished Exterior Floor Glazed Wall Curvy Roof

Textural Interior Features Books Bright White Floor And Wall Geometrical Style Door Ceiling Lights

Curvy Roofline White Holed Exterior Wall Greeneries Courtyard

Glazed Walls White Kitchen Cabinetry White Coffee Table Grey Sofa Oranges Ceiling Lights White Chairs

Villa Ypsilon Unique Y Shaped Roof Eye Shaped Pool Trees Dried Lawn White Loungers

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