An Attractive Kitchen bar Counter in Your Home

A Kitchen Island And A Marble Countertop In Simple Lights With Some Chairs Around It

Having a bar counter becomes a trend this time. Many designers advise us to have open layouts and use it as much as we can then fill it with light.  These are usually kitchens, dining areas, and living rooms, a kitchen bar counter or a kitchen island can be used as a space divider.

Kitchen bar counters are very popular right now. People often use it as an additional eating corner, for example for breakfast or a quick meal. If it becomes a space divider, it should be carefully combined with the interior, and it should be highlighted. Here, I will give you some ways to mix such a counter into your interior and let’s see also the pros and cons of making one.

Pros and Cons

The main advantage that will help you get is that the bar counter is a smart room divider because it can split one room with another without preventing light. It also very functional because it can be a corner for breakfast and quick meals which have decorative touch also. Besides, you can also use such a counter as a bar for your party. You have to think even about its colors and style that need to be proper to the rest space for a natural look.

Unfortunately, there are still some disadvantages. The main downside is that thing is suitable for young people, but a little bit unfriendly for children or elder people because they will find difficulties in climbing tall stools every time. It also cannot accommodate everyone in a big family if it is a small counter. If you want to make it as a workspace, you should get a lower piece because it will be not comfortable to work at a high desk.

Types Of Bar Counters

Bar counters are available in many varieties. There is a traditional counter which consists of only a countertop and a couple of stools. That type of table will fit even a small space and will not look bulky. That’s a good idea. There is also a two-level bar counter which is comprised of cooking space and eating space; the newest is usually higher to give space to hide the cooking zone. This type is an excellent choice for a big area, and it also can accommodate everyone in the family. Wanna see more? Let’s check some following examples. Enjoy!

A Wooden Kitchen Counter With Some Stools Around It And A Bowl Of Fruits On It

A Kitchen Island And A Wooden Kitchen Countertop With Some White Chairs Near It

A Marble Bar Counter With Two Stools, And A Vase Of Flowers On It

A Wooden Kitchen Island With Two Black Leather Stools, And A Vase Of Leaves On It

A Wooden Kitchen Island With A Marble Countertop And Some Wooden Chairs

A Wooden Bar Counter With Two Unique Stools

A Kitchen Island And A Wooden Kitchen Countertop With Some Wooden Chairs Around It And Three Bulbs Over It

A White Kitchen Island With Some Stools, And A Vase Of Flowers On It

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