An Ascetic and Light Apartment

A Entry Way With A Stack Of Suitcase And Fabric Over It, Black Cabinet, And An Ornament On The Wall

Hello fellas! Today I am going to talk about an apartment which will grab your attention. Since the owner of this apartment is a person who loves the healthy and ascetic lifestyle, the apartment is designed as the reflection of what the owner loves. There are some points which deliver the thing that the owner loves and they are obviously seen in the design of this apartment which is created by the Shkaf Architects.

The apartment is needed to be made as light as possible to follow the owner’s habit of waking up at five in the morning. To make the space light, laconic interiors, white walls, no doors, and very lightweight interior partitions are chosen to reach the goal. The living room and the bedroom are divided with a very light partition which is made of foam blocks and plexiglass. Although it is very lightweight, it looks very stylish and geometric. The two rooms are also separated by the bed itself. It is a large canopy bed that can be a proper devider of both rooms. Black details throughout the interiors give contrast and interesting point to the two rooms.

Now, let’s see at the living room. The living room is done with a faux leather sofa, a faux animal skin rug, a modern coffee table, a stack of a vintage suitcase under the coffee table that is very useful as a storage. The living room is rather natural space. The bold and eye-catchy look comes from a large antler-inspired chandelier that is hung over it. There is also a working space in the living room, by the window, that lets the owner do everything in here. The working space is spruced out with an orange wall. It is completed by a desk which is placed on brick stands, and there is a glass sliding door wardrobe behind it.

The kitchen of this apartment is rather small. It is done with stainless steel cabinets, a black fridge, and a tile backsplash. The space is short and very functional, and also matches the part of the apartment. The bathroom is amazing with faux brick walls which are done in white. Such walls give a textural touch to space. It is such a good idea to make the bathroom does not look very plain. Wanna see more cool spaces? Let’s go down and enjoy some pictures below!

A Chair With White Fabric And Cushion On It Placed On A Rug Near A White Cabinet

A Bath Room In White Consists Of White Sink With Mirror Over It, A Cabinet, And A Chandelier Over The Sink

A Entry Way With A Stack Of Suitcase And Fabric Over It, Black Cabinet, And An Ornament On The Wall

The Stainless Steel Kitchen Set And The Black Fridge

A Room Features Leather Sofa, A White Table On A Rug, And Some Frames Hung On The Wall

A Work Space In The Windowsill With A Chair, And A Laptop And A Lamp On The Desk

A Room Features Some Frames Hung On The Wall, Leather Sofa, A White Table On A Rug, And A Chandelier Over It

A View Of A White Cabinet With Some Stuffs Inside, A Kitchen With Stainless Steel Kitchen Set, And And Artwork On A Console

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