An Artsy Home with Wonderful Garden

A Wooden Round Table With Rattan Chairs Placed Near A Large Bookshelf Full Of Books

Hello good friends! Back to the topic of inspiring home, in this high time, I would like to talk about another awesome dwelling that may inspire you. This time is a home which is located in Puglia. This home belongs to an American-born art historian and curator Peter Benson Miller. Miller has been collecting seriously since he was 13. It is not surprising that, many years later, he and his partner Giovanni Panebianco began to find themselves out of their Rome apartment. Then, they found a perfect home in Puglia. In this awesome home, hundreds of objects collected by Miller year by year can be displayed in all their magnificence. They knew that they had found the ideal home that represents the need of Panebianco for village life and Miller’s bucolic dream.

The public area has been kept relatively, with only a wide collection of evidence for Miller, a sitting room, a library and a guest bedroom looking for a living with his invention. In the sole room that is beautified by salvageable paint on the walls, you will find a Southern Italian votive from as early as the 18th century which is now attached to a 19th-century French country bed. In the library you will see many pallets of wood painters gleaned from flea markets in Paris and Rome being the decoration for an intimate living room nearby. There are also some contemporary touches from living artists that Miller has been a fan and admired which are added to the house to provide a highlight to the vintage features in the house.

This awesome house is beautified with a poetically overgrown private garden that is filled with tangerine, bitter orange, persimmon, and pomegranate trees. Middle East touches in building the park, and provides a familiar seating area and lanterns hanging. The terraces are redesigned by Miller and create raised paths that are bordered by agapanthus and roses. Mediterranean herbs are smelled from the kitchen garden of this house. At the end of the expanse which is narrow, you will find a raised pool. This pool is built because of the inspiration from the pools which are commonly found in Middle Eastern gardens. In the outside area, you will see many Middle Eastern touches that fill the spaces. Moreover, the spaces are beautified with various trees and flowers that bring color and relaxing touch. Such a wonderful home it is. Get inspired!

A Wooden Round Table With Rattan Chairs Placed Near A Large Bookshelf Full Of Books

A Blue Woven Sculpture Place At The Corner Of A Room With Cubic Print Floor

A Kitchen With Italian Floor Tiles And Many Plates And Bowls

A Cast Iron Bathtub Place By A Window On The White Wall

A Path Some Pot Of Plants

A Path With Many Plant In The Left And Right Side

A Bed In Unique Prints Of Pillow And Blanket With Black Metal Frame

A Wooden Cabinet With A Mirror, A Pot Of Greenery, And A Red Lamp On It Placed Near Two Coat Hangers

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