An Artist House with Restraint Tones and Calming Décor

Wooden Dining Chairs Wooden Dining Table Wooden Floor Greeneries French Doors

Colorful interior décor can sometimes be so tiring to watch. Some people may consider that too many colors are not so enjoyable at all. Incorporating many colors in one décor may well be attractive and cheerful for some people. Some others may think differently. Fortunately, there will always be an idea to get the better of interior décor even without the use of too many different colors. An artist named Caroline Walls has given an example of restraint color scheme in her interior décor which can be beautiful as well as calm at the same time. One thing for sure, there will not be too many colors involved.

It is true that the decoration of the house is so minimalist with rather muted tone. Surprisingly the overall appeal of the décor remains to be trendy and edgy without lacking personality. The artist and her partner who shares the living space are all so creative to furnish the décor perfectly well with artworks. Certainly, that is the secret to creating a beautiful décor without having to use too many colors. Many works of Caroline are displayed all over the interior with the major themes of identity, sexuality, and femininity. They are in the form of prints, paintings, and sketches. Furthermore, there are ceramics as well within the décor that are all thrift shop finds.

The lack of space is the main problem of the house. The couple has been so smartly dealing with that issue. The studio is a dining room when needed which is a clever way of maximizing the use of space. The dining table will function as a work table when the time comes to work. There is a shelving unit altered to be a mini bar. This house even has its courtyard to enjoy sunny season separated by French doors to be so artistic and functional at the same time.

The kitchen is considered the focal point of the interior since they love to cook and eat. It has the view of the courtyard and the dining area. Meanwhile, the bedroom is in the front section of the house to get plenty of afternoon sun. There are more artworks there in the bedroom just as in the main living space. The interior décor of this house proves that less color can be awesome as well as more colors in any interior décor.

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Wooden Dining Chairs Wooden Dining Table Wooden Floor Greeneries French Doors

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