An Armchair with Storage from Bla Station Named Pocket

Pocket Armchair Sturdy Metal Legs Soft Pink Upholstered Fabric Coclor Leather Bag

A multifunctional piece of furniture is a hot trend today. More and more homeowners prefer to have one item that could provide more than one function. Commonly there are chairs with storage, benches with storage, or even tables with storage. Some other things could be featuring adjustable components so that they can be altered to be having different forms and purposes. The main idea is to reduce the need for floor space when having too many items in an interior space. Fewer furniture items mean less floor space needed so that the interior can be more spacious, right?

Amidst many decent furniture items with additional function aside from their main feature is the one armchair named Pocket. This particular armchair is going to be a perfect solution for those who have a small modern space with some more storage spaces needed. Bla Station furniture company has just launched this armchair from Sweden in which Stone Designs did the design and production. In short, this armchair incorporates additional storage spaces that will be beneficial in keeping away clutter from any area where it is placed. Thus there will not be any clutter problem at all even in a small living space.

The founders of Stone Designs named Cutu Mazuelos, and Eva Prego come up with the idea of this stylish armchair during their stay at a ski resort. Commonly people will put their stuff on the table so that it looks so messy and the desk is highly cluttered. Thus the idea of creating a chair that is comfortable to sit on while also having some spaces to store stuff is popped out immediately. Thus the realization of that particular idea is started immediately with the final result is this one armchair named Pocket.

Its shell is in scoop shape with four legs made of steel to ensure its durability. The top surface is a comfortable upholstered seat while underneath that is the built-in storage space. That storage space is spacious enough to store laptops, bags, or coats. This armchair has a high back design to add more comfort as well as privacy when using the chair. The finish of the chair is available in both leather and fabric to be selected accordingly. Orange, blue, green and pink can all to be chosen in the fabric type for the finish. The Pocket armchair is a decent piece of furniture with more than one function to get.

Leather Upholstered Pocket Armchair With Metal Legs And Storage Space Neutral Leather Hand Bag

Bold Orange Upholstered Fabric Pocket Armchair Grey Bag Stored Underneath A Man With Glasses Sitting On It

Pocket Armchair Sturdy Metal Legs Soft Pink Upholstered Fabric Coclor Leather Bag

Pocket Armchair In Red And Orange Metal Legs Storage Underneath The Cushion Leather Jacket Pocket Camera

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