An Armchair with Pergola for Both Outdoor and Indoor Use

Concrete Blocks Floor Felix Armchair With Pergola Black Frame Grey Cushions Grey Wall Woman In Grey Shirt Black Jeans And Shoes

Ideas and inspirations can come from anything. Many people within creative industries have their sources and ways to get creative when needed. That is one crucial factor that makes so many original items out there today even about interior decoration. A favorite brand like IKEA has been successfully designed and created many creative things. Not only that the issues are functional, but also they are pretty beautiful to watch. Surprisingly it is not just IKEA that is capable of delivering excellent looking items which are highly useful as well. There is a unique design of chair featuring a pergola on it. Sounds interesting, right?

A beautiful looking piece of the outdoor chair has a pergola feature on it. Well, it is a decent addition to any interior as well. This chair is the outcome of a collaboration of Los Patrones and Christian Vivanco named Felix armchair. Well, the basic design of the chair makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use of it. The chair looks rather simple since it incorporates contemporary style. The Pergola has its function to create separation with the surrounding area without having to compromise the line of sight of anyone sitting on the chair.

The build of the chair is just perfect in which the pergola is made of two uneven arches. They are connected with many cross bars to support the build as well as giving a decent visual impact. The frame of the chair is finished in black while the seating is in grey upholstery. It features armrests as well for better comfort when using the chair. The room inside this pergola chair is just like four different cushions arranged together at the bottom, at the back and the sides. The combination of black and grey is just lovely to watch.

Mexican architecture inspired it within the period of the 1950s. Back then such parabolic structures, as well as arches, were as famous just as the shape of the pergola on this chair. That is amidst the reasons of Christian Vivanco bringing the design of this chair into a partnership with a Mexican company. He contributes to the design community in Mexico by using the basic idea of the Mexican neighborhood. Felix armchair is just one of many creatively designed furniture item that money can buy today which offers excellent appeal and function.

Potted Plants Felic Armchair With Pergola Grey Cushions Black Frame Grey Wall Concrete Blocks Floor Woman In Grey Shirt Black Jeans And Shoes

Felic Armchair With Pergola Black Frame Grey Cushions Greeneries Concrete Blocks Floor

Concrete Blocks Floor Felix Armchair With Pergola Black Frame Grey Cushions Grey Wall Woman In Grey Shirt Black Jeans And Shoes

Greeneries Potted Plants Round Exterior Table Exterior Chairs Felic Armchair With Pergola Women In Grey Shirt Black Jeans And Shoes

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