An Armchair Named Ben Hur with the Design of Roman Chariots

The Ben Hur Armchair Design Inspired By Roman Chariots Woth Two Wheels On Its Sides Bright Red Velvel Upholstery Aluminum Base Structure

Bringing old stuff to the new times is a kind of trend today within the scope of interior decoration. Many designers and manufacturers of furniture items have tried to bring many ideas from years ago to the modern world. Modern dwellings can always be enhanced even by using a few gray accents here and there. Even a seating can be inspired by old stuff from the past with its actual form to look really well in any modern space of today.

It is a designer named Jean Paul Gaultier who brought the idea of Roman chariots from a long time ago to his new seating item to complete any modern dwelling. The final product out of that idea is an armchair called Ben Hur. Well, the name speaks for itself to actually resemble the old times when the chariots are being used widely. In short, it can even be said to be a pure fashion statement for any interior. It is not surprising at all for Jean Paul Gaultier to create such furniture since he is well known as a unique designer. He often shakes up the basic rulebook of furniture design by reformulating excellent ideas and playing with some contradictions along the way. It really is just another awesome piece out of his clever mind.

This particular armchair called Ben Hur is actually a part of a furniture collection as a collaboration of Jean Paul Gaultier with Roche Bobois. It has been mentioned that the main inspiration of this armchair is roman chariots design in which it can clearly be seen all over this chair. Of course, it is in a bit smaller size compared to the original design of Roman chariots back then. Furthermore, the material is obviously different from real roman chariots. This armchair is made of aluminum frame structure along with velvet upholstery in several different colors to choose. There are yellow, red, green and blue as the colors of velvet to choose. Wheels are there for sure since that is the signature design of Gaultier while also a way to really make it pretty authentic as old roman chariots.

Despite its look to be a bit uncomfortable, the comfort level upon sitting on this Ben Hur armchair is actually pretty decent. Thus it will still be enough to be incorporated as seating for a living room or even an office. Plus, it comes with wheels so that it can easily be moved from one space to another whenever extra seating is needed in different areas.

The Ben Hur Armchair Aluminum Base Structure Two Wheels On Both Sides Red Velvet Upholstery Gaultier Logo On The Back

The Ben Hur Armchair Aluminum Structure With Wheels Green Velvet Upholstery Finish

The Ben Hur Armchair Design Inspired By Roman Chariots Woth Two Wheels On Its Sides Bright Red Velvel Upholstery Aluminum Base Structure

The Ben Hur Armchairs By Jean Paul Gaultier Aluminum Base With Wheels Large Framed Wall Mirror Concrete Flooring Carved Wall Moldings Metal Stairs Railing

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