An Apartment in London in Luxurious Decoration Style

Grey Velvet Upholstered Sofa Yellow Chair Green Silk Wallpaper In Birds Trees Flowers Print Potted Plant Large Framed Wall Artwork Glass Top Coffee Table

Luxurious style of décor for any interior is the right choice to bring a high end feel all over the interior space. Just as in any other style of interior décor, the so-called luxurious décor is not so easy to get done properly. Many aspects should be addressed to get just the right combination making a luxury interior. An apartment in London that belongs to Hannah Gurney has its luxurious appeal in every corner despite the fact that it is a testing ground for many wallpaper products as her family business. Aside from that fact, the apartment is her primary living space.

The family business itself is named Gournay Wallpaper in which many types of wallpaper have been tested for their use within Hannah’s apartment. A decorator named Tara Craig helped the last project in enhancing the décor in rich detail inside the apartment. Traditional style has been twisted along with fresh ideas upon the use of wallpaper within the décor to get its look today. Upon entering the apartment, there are strong colors and prints grouped to create a blooming welcome of bushes and trees over the walls. Go further into the interior area of the apartment; every room has its atmosphere.

Green silk wallpaper can be seen covering the living room walls. The idea is winter gardens with matching furniture alongside. Velvet upholstered sofa and yellow floral upholstered chairs can be seen inside the living room. Meanwhile, the dining area has two shades of green silk wallpaper. The vintage framed large mirror is there along with simple dining set and glaciers inspired artworks. Vintage chandelier completes the look of the dining area that cannot be seen anywhere else in the apartment interior.

There is a living room where the walls are covered with green flower silk wallpaper while the yellow-lined headboard brightens the space. The mirror in this room has a unique 18-century frame while antique dresser is there as well for a rather vintage appeal. Meanwhile, the master bedroom has specific wallpaper in bird and floral patterns with a bit of metallic effect. Green upholstered bed alongside vintage framed mirror as well as a wicker chair is all there to complete the vintage yet the luxurious appeal of the bedroom. Fish wallpaper is in the bathroom which is as eye catchy as other areas of the apartment itself.

Metal Vintage Chandelier Wooden Dining Table Wooden Dining Chairs Vintage Framed Wall Mirror Large Wall Artworks Dinnerware Cutlery Flowers

Green Floral Print Wallpaper Wooden Nightstand Marble Top With Drawers Yellow Upholstered Headboard White Pillows Vintage Framed Wall Mirror Colorful Lowers Large Clear Glass Vase

Hannah Gurney Green Wallpaper In Birds Flowers Trees Print Potted Plants Yellow Upholstered Bench Grey Sofa Wall Artwork Antique Pieces

Fish Print Bathroom Wallpaper Wall Mounted Marble Vanity Glass Shower Walls Vibrant Pink Flowers Metal Cart Glass Decks

Grey Velvet Upholstered Sofa Yellow Chair Green Silk Wallpaper In Birds Trees Flowers Print Potted Plant Large Framed Wall Artwork Glass Top Coffee Table

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