An Apartment in Barcelona by Built Architecture with Awesome Décor

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Keeping original features of a building when renovating it is always a smart way to create a unique look at the end. It may well be too hard to find the same features today if the old elements are eliminated instead of preserved along the way of a renovation. An apartment in Barcelona with its new modern décor style kept some of its original features intact within the building. The new look is an adorable one that is done by Built Architecture. The main thing in term of the renovation is to add some storage areas as well as open the space to be more spacious. Yet some old features that are kept include high ceiling and mosaic floors. Obviously, the mosaic floors are really eye-catchy within a modern space like this one.

Oakwood can be seen all over the interior of this apartment. The high ceilings and gypsum moldings are there as well following parquet mosaic. That combination creates a decent look at the décor for sure. Meanwhile, the same material made the furniture as well that is just sleek and so light. Natural lights enter the interior easily that is just wonderful for a modern space like this apartment. The basic neutral tone of the interior is considered to be a blank canvas of the décor. That really makes it easy to add many decent features including artworks, paintings, decorative pieces, and even family mementos. Moreover, the neutral color scheme of the interior is one thing that works really well with the excessive wood there. It creates nothing else but cozy atmosphere within the interior.

It is true that in this modern apartment some original elements have been recovered and restored to make sure that the old times are remembered. One unique feature of this apartment is actually a central element of furniture accompanying the high ceilings. It is a singular and innovative thing that somehow discrete and flexible at the same time. Surely there are public spaces and other spots within the interior in which metal thresholds connect them all. Smart design solutions are surely there to deal with the high level of practicality inside this apartment. Overall the interior of this apartment is a highly inviting one with several old elements and many modern accents without compromising practicality and functionality of everything. This apartment is another decent example of modern and ancient in one space.

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Glazed Doors Metallic Shades Pendant Lamps White Kitchen Cabinets Electric Cooker Mosaic Flooring Wooden Table Wooden Tray

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