An Apartment in a Historical Building Done in Grey and White Shade

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Ensuring that a historical building remains to be as it is while altering the look of its interior may be a bit tricky. It has been done in many places where historical buildings are kept nicely by the local government. The latest example is an old building in Copenhagen with a stunning apartment inside. The apartment belongs to a designer named Oliver Gustav which has been done and finished in such tranquil mix of different styles. Classical background of the original building is perfectly mixed with modern and antique elements all around the interior. The designer preserves the unique aspects of this building from the year of 1734.

Following the government rule regarding the list of a building of architectural significance, things must not be changed at all in any listed building. Well, this house is on the list so that anything should be as it is. The thing that could be done to alter the interior is just by playing with the finish. Even the old plaster of the wall should be there as it is in which matte mineral paint bought from Germany is used to deal with the walls. The tone is in white to ensure that space feels spacious. The original windowpanes along with their curved glass remain intact so that nothing is needed to deal with that element.

Getting along with the fact that the building was originated in the 18th century, antiques from the 18th century are used and placed inside the space. Furthermore, there are edgy looking art objects and artworks all around the interior to accentuate the decor further. Thus it is true that this house is a mix of old and new with the classic background.

The kitchen has a decent appeal of asphalt grey finish alongside mid-century modern furniture pieces. Some vintage appliances are there as well to get the vibe of being old stronger in the interior. Aside from the ingenious ways of dealing with the décor, there is a smart use of an item for another purpose away from its original function. A closet has been done in whitewashed tone with glass doors in which it is a home office. When opened a chair can be taken out to be the official seat with one of the shelves inside the closet serves as a desk. It is beautiful to see and highly functional at the same time.

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White Wall Moldings Light Wooden Flooring Navy Velvet Chair Black Lehs Wall Artwork Large Window Grey Sofa

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