An Apartment Decorated in Vintage Style with Elegant Accents

Vintage Chandelier Colorful Flowers Wooden Dining Table Wooden Chairs Wall Mounted Glass Display Cabinet Walll Mirror Fireplace Wooden Sideboard

Elegant styles of the old times are well known in many aspects. Even interior décor style could come a really long way just to get a great appeal. A decent example is obviously incorporating vintage style with just a bit of elegant accents over it. That combination can create a really charming décor of any interior space just as this apartment done by La Traviesa de Conde Duque. It is a charming space with a somewhat magical appeal over original vintage features and elegant touches of various antique furniture items. There are so many things to enjoy inside this apartment.

It is actually a 19th-century apartment that has been renovated to be fresher than before. In the redesign process, several aspects have been eliminated such as space dividers to provide a larger space. Meanwhile, some of the original elements have been kept and even restored to add a classic accent to the décor. Solid brick walls and wooden beams are the original elements in which they are highly related to the structural matter of the house as well. They are done in fresh colors though to ensure that the vintage accent out of them can clearly and easily be seen.

The living room of this apartment has abundant light for a visually large space to feel. The restored fireplace is there alongside wooden ceiling and walls as the original features of the apartment in this space. A unique looking glass armoire is there as well to deliver a high level of vintage appeal. The chairs are upholstered in a cool way to accompany a comfy sofa and a refined coffee table in this particular space. Meanwhile, inside the bedroom, there is a faux fireplace that adds the style of that space. The large mantel of that fireplace is used as a shelf for books and artworks display. A large wicker chair is there to accentuate the décor further.

Even the bathroom is done uniquely to complement the rest of the space. It has a unique mix of white stucco ceiling, white subway tiles, and bold yellow botanical themed wallpaper. The bathtub is a free-standing one in a vintage style. Different styles can be seen there since an emerald stool alongside a cork one is there. In the end, it is totally true that perfect mix of the old and the new can be seen all over this beautiful apartment originated from the 19th century.

Wooden Beams Rough Stone Walls Wooden Flooring Vintage Chairs Round Vintage Coffee Table Pendants Fireplace

Wooden Flooring Wooden Countertops White Cabinets Books Wooden Stool Plates Wall Sconces Pendant Lamps

Rough Stone Walls Bold Yellow Rocker Green Round Crib Bed A Dog Faux Fur Rug Chequered Tiles Flooring White Finished Cabinet Wooden Sideboard Wooden Ceiling Beams Colorful Decorative Accents

Vintage Chandelier Colorful Flowers Wooden Dining Table Wooden Chairs Wall Mounted Glass Display Cabinet Walll Mirror Fireplace Wooden Sideboard

Wooden Open Shelving Display Cabinet Wall Mounted Glass Display Cabinet Wooden Chairs Wooden Table Vintage Chandelier Wooden Beams

White Free Standing Bathtub Emerald Stool Metal Small Stool Wooden Top White Subway Tiles Half Wall Covering Bold Yellow Floral Wallpaper White Framed Window

White Finished Kitchen Cabinets And Island Wooden Stool Natural Wooden Countertops And Tabletops Square White Tiles Backsplash Pendant Lamp Rough Stone Wall White Framed Windows

Wooden Ceiling Beams Wooden Flooring Low Coffee Table Brown Sofa Bold Accent Pilloes Blue Lamp Shade Floor Lamp Books Interior Radiator

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