An Amazing Modern Cork Furniture

A Man Sit On Geo Shaped Cork Piece

There are four season which have to be faced. They are spring, summer, fall, and winter. Every season has its own specialty and something that we need the most. We need to have the right furniture in our house during the season to make us always feel comfortable and relax. Sometimes, we can change the interior of our house in every single season.

Since it is the season before the winter, fall is the season when the weather is nearly as same as winter. It can be cold but without snow. In the fall season, we always look for coziness in our space. Therefore, we are using materials for home decor that we think they will give us coziness. It can be wood, faux fur and knit, and cork. A cork is actually an unusual material but it is an interesting and warm material that feels so soft. Since it gives chic look, this cork furniture collection may grab your attention. It can also bring comfort feel to the space as you need during the fall season. Today I am going to talk about an interesting cork furniture that may become one of your furniture for fall season. It will absolutely give comfort and interesting look to your space. Are you curious enough to see it? Let’s check this out!

The duo Ana Fonseca and Brimet Silva proudly presented The DIGITALAB as a collection of their cork work. In working with cork, they have created seating, tables, lighting, and wall surfaces. They will transform your idea about what can be done with work material. The furniture is the fusion of cork and wood through unexpected ways to create a series of modern and playful furniture. The dark shade of the cork is really attractive that can grab everyone’s attention. The cork wall surfaces absolutely make you want to see it closer and reach it out then touch it just to make sure that they are not made of fabric or some other materials.

This kind of cork furniture collection is a great idea for a modern space. It is 100% eco-friendly, so by having it we help to save and love our earth. The look of such a furniture is very fabulous and extra ordinary because of the textures as the design is not too much or colorful. Bring maximum coziness and soft touches to your space with cork furniture!

A Cork Furniture In A Table

A Cork Furniture With A Pendant Lamp Over It

A Man Sit On Geo Shaped Cork Piece

A Cork Furniture In A Table And Two Chairs

The Cork Furniture In A Small Table And Two Stools

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