An Amazing 20th Century Edwardian Home

A Path Bordered With White Cabinets

Hello fellas! Another day with another interesting topic for you. In this high time, I would like to share about another amazing home that can be an inspiration for you who are looking for some home ideas. This home belongs to an artist. Have you imagined how does this home look? Let’s take a look at it then. Enjoy!

This home belongs to an Australian artist that is keeping up street-side appearances and branches out with a modern extension. She and her husband bought a tumbledown turn-of-the-20th-century Edwardian. Then, they asked Nest Architects to make a transformation that would recall the home’s original appeal as much as possible. Next Architects then renovate the rear of the home with an open addition that extends the once-cramped kitchen.

Kate and Tom, executives from video game developers, want to get to know their new home. They learn about every detail of the home. After getting to know the home, they decided to choose a modern extension in the hope that it would complement the period architecture. This decision gives details in the fireplaces, timber floors, and ornate ceilings. Now, let’s have a look at the inside. In the inside, the mixture of old and new touches is most overtly shown where the original floorboard adjacent to the new polished concrete slab. There are four bedrooms, a new bathroom and laundry, and a modern kitchen, dining, and living room in the extension area which is done with the concrete floor. Cabinetry partitions have a role to divide the space in the extension area, and it gives the family a “sense of not being on top of each other.” Moreover, it lets them use different spaces for various functions.

The renovation and its new outbuilding, let’s say it is the finished home, is not looked fussy or delicate. This building shows creativity in the design and in the way the family lives inside this home. The presence of the palette of materials, the flow and proportions of spaces, and the combination between the formal Edwardian interior and the oblique lines of the extension bring some amazing look of this home. Together, they form a space that can accommodate many various needs of the four inhabitants that live in this building. This house is very comfortable and friendly for its owner. Moreover, the design that shows a combination of old and modern is a great idea to make an amazing residence which will grab anyone’s attention.

A Path To The Open Space Of A House

A Kitchen Island With White Countertop, Some Stools, And Two Black Pendant Lamps Over It

A Path Bordered With White Cabinets

A Room With Wooden Floor Features A Sofa With Colorful Cushions, A Wooden Desk With A Chair, A Bookshelf Full Of Books, And Three White Pendant Lamps

A White Bedroom With Pink Shades Pillows In A Wooden Floor Bedroom With A Painting Hung Above A Fireplace

A Wooden Dining Table With A Vase Of Flowers And Candles On It, And Some Grey Chairs Around It

A Woman Is Painting The A Room With Many Paintings, Some Greenery, And A Brown Sofa

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