Adjustable Isole Modular Seating for Personalized Use

Isole Modular Seating Light Brown Cushion Black Legs Small Round Side Table

People love to customize things to be more and more personal in many ways. Even in purchasing and using furniture items, adjustable items are preferable since they can be adjusted accordingly when needed to suit the needs of their owners and users. Furniture that can be customized and modified before its use will also be beneficial for different interior space. An example is a foldable table for the small area that can be folded when not in use to save space. Well, there are a lot of choices regarding adjustable and customizable furniture items out there.

An excellent looking product of seating is one of many furniture items that can be adjusted and customized to suit different needs of people accordingly. This seating is called Isole. As a result of join forces inspired by Japanese poetry. The parties involved are Luca Nichetto from Nichetto Studio in Italy and Oki Sato from Nendo in Japan. That combination of Japanese and Italy is the reason of its Japanese poetry inspiration and Italian word as its name. Isole is an Italian word that means islands.

This Isole seating comes in several colors as well as various possible configurations. Apparently, people will be able to get the color that they wanted to have while the accommodation can also be adjusted accordingly. Regarding the seating itself, it features powder coated base to hold the comfortable rounded cushion on top of it. Isole offers a high level of comfort as well as sturdy construction and builds to be a long-lasting seating.

In term of its customizable features, it can be selected to be in several different forms. One version is seating with an island as its armrest made of wooden surface. There are also various versions of a side table that can be attached to it which are square, rectangular and round. Furthermore, the seat can also be adjusted to be only one seat, two seats, or even three seats in a row. Such features of customization can deliver various looks of the chair itself. One position can be placed in a tight space with its small side table while the three seats can be perfect for a large living room with its large rectangular table. Well, it is a beautiful piece to consider when looking for a beautiful seating that can be adjusted in several ways.

Isole Modular Seating Light Brown Cushion Black Legs Small Round Side Table

Isole Modular Seating Red Cushion Black Legs Small Rectangular Side Table Single Armrest

Isole Modular Seating Grey Cushion Black Legs

Isole Modular Seating Three Seats Grey Cushion Black Legs

Isole Modular Seating Navy Cushion Black Legs

Concrete Floor Rectangular Black Table Beige Cushion Isole Seating With Armrests Brown Cushion Isole Seating With Round Side Table

Navy Cushion Isole Seating Rectangular Black Table Light Brown Cushion Isole Seating With Small Round Side Table Large Brown Area Rug

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