Adding Pinboard, a Decoration with Multifunctional Use

17. Many Photos Hang On The White Wall Behind A Blue White Lamp And Cabinet.

The pinboard is a smart idea for many people. For those who are creative and need some inspirations and plans for their works can write down or display something that becomes a stimulus in their searching of inspiration on the chic pinboards. Not only that, for those who just want to show photos and pictures differently can also pin up their favorite pictures and images on the eye catchy pinboards. If you are the one who rent something, pinboards are a great idea to be added to the house. You can turn it to display some notes and pictures instead of walls. It won’t wreck your colorful walls since you will not use glue, pins, or anything else to attach notes and photos on the walls but turn into pinboards. Pinboards are available in many styles. It can be large or small, framed or not, and they can also become a part of decoration and highlight your style in your favorite spaces. There are lots of shapes and materials for pinboards; the most popular are cork, pegboard, grid, and kinds of fabric. The design is all in your hand and your space. Below this, there is some excellent idea that can be your inspiration. Here we go.

Cork Pinboards

As a material, cork can be shaped in many ways, can be framed or not, and even can cover the whole wall of yours. Therefore, cork can be said as the material to make a pinboard. Cork has all-natural, soft, and warm texture and looks that make your space comfier. Use a cute shape like a pony, a unicorn, or a funny fish to be placed in a kid’s area. Cork fits many spaces, from industrial to rustic. If you it goes wrong, change the color or paint patterns will be a good idea. Cork is very flexible.

Grid Pinboards

Although it is not a pinboard, grid is very famous and often to be used for the material. You just need to grab a suitable network, large or small is up to you, and color it as you want. You can add lights if you’re going to. A grid pinboard is an excellent idea for Scandinavian or industrial space.

Fabric Pinboards

As flexible as cork, fabric pinboard also can be shaped in many ways and give an outstanding look. Fabric pinboards are usually framed as square, rectangular, and round, and it’s traditionally hanged over the desk or next to it. You can choose the frame and the type of fabric based on your style. You can select a refined picture frame if you like vintage space or a modern one for your minimalist space.

Pegboard Pinboards

A pegboard is a smart choice because besides it can be a pinboard, it also has other functions, for example, some shelves and pots can be hanged to it. It is a smart idea looking at this multifunctional uses that can optimize your space look and support your need.

15. A Pinboard With Many Pictures Is Hanging On The Wall Beside A White Chair And Table With Many White Ornaments On It.

25. A Wooden Framed Pinboard, A Table, And A Chair With Black Lamp, Brown Books, And Other Ornaments.

4. A Cute Unicorn Pinboard Above A Wooden Table With Some Pots, A Plant, A Book, And A Camera On It.

6. A Pinboard Full Of Women Pictures Behind A Computer, Flowers In A Vase, And Some Stationary.

3. A Pinboard On One Full Of Wall Beside A Working Spot With Standing Lamp, Wooden Wheel Chair, Small Table That Facing A Window.

22. A Wooden Table And Chair With A White Cushion And Some Stuff Like Lamp, Flowers, Books, And Wooden Case On The Table.

8. A Grid Pinboards With So Many Pictures Hanging Above Wooden Table And Black Chair

7. Some Photos Hanging On The Pinboard Above A Wooden Table With A Laptop, A Standing Lamp, Books, And Some Ornaments On It.

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