Adding Masculine Kitchen in Your Home

A Kitchen In Simple Lamps Lighting With Kitchen Cabinets And A Metal Table With Four Stools Around It

Every man needs a cool man cave for himself to live, sleep, or do anything he likes in to relax and cozy nuance. The space with masculine usually touches moody and dark, but they are not gloomy. They can be said as comfy dark shades. Playing textures to give an attractive touch is a great idea, and don’t forget to add furniture and some ornaments to create a mood in the space.

Because moody kitchens are trendy this time, masculine kitchens also become a trend. The stars of this space are kitchen cabinets, a kitchen island, and some stools or lamps. Appliances and accessories will also give a part in building a nuance. This time, we are going to share you some furniture ideas. Check it out!

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the main item in such a space. These kitchen problems are the main focus. They can give an atmosphere and change everything. You should choose the proper kitchen cabinets based on what you like and what your style because it will define the design of your kitchen. If you want a modern kitchen, you may choose black or brown wooden cabinets with a sleek design and no handles or black metal cabinets. If you do not want to have that dark cabinet because they are too gloomy, you may go for light-colored wooden cabinets with a black tile backsplash. Trying to have dark colors, dark gray, brown, and some contrast countertops and backsplash from black marble, white stone, or red brick is also a great idea.

Kitchen Islands and Stools

Having a kitchen island in your home with coming different material or a cool geometric shape is an excellent idea because it will give a refreshing statement to space. It will not only become a cooking space or breakfast area anymore. It can also add a textural look to your kitchen with a kitchen island material. A concrete or stone countertop will be a great idea, and the collaboration of dark wood with dark or light-colored cabinets is also smart. You may go for a geometric shape and some fresh angle or a waterfall countertop of glass or marble to make your kitchen island look amazing. For you who have a full-wooden kitchen, you can make it stand out with a shiny metal countertop. Adding a pair of fabulous stools will help you to give a fantastic look. A polished metal, the other leather, or some soft upholstery is precisely what you need for your chairs or stools.


Lights and lamps are essential to highlighting the kitchen style of yours. Add some lights that reflect your style in the kitchen or around the kitchen corner. For you who like an industrial or minimalist kitchen, bulb glass lamps are a perfect choice. You may also choose sheer glass lamps or shiny brass oversized lamps to add traditional look if you want.

A Black Kitchen Cabinet With A Pot, A Stack Of Plates, And Other Stuffs On It

A Black Cabinet With Black Countertops And Some Kitchen Stuffs On It

A Wooden Cabinet With Black Marble Countertops And An Open Glazed Shelves Over It

A Kitchen In Simple Three Lamps Lighting With Dark Brown Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

A Black Cabinet With Black Countertops And A Wooden Trays On It

A Black Kitchen Island Near A Black Dining Room With Brown Chairs Around It

A Wooden Kitchen Cabinets With Many Kitchen Stuffs On It

A Long Marble Counter With Some Glasses And Plant On It, And A Black Lamp Over It

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