Adding Blue Nuance to Your Kitchen

A Dark Blue Kitchen Island With White Marble Countertop, And Some Pots Of Plants On It Completed With Some Lamps Over It

Blue is a superb shade that can fit any space and any event. That’s why many people love this kind of color. Blue has become a favorite color for many designers and decorators to make their design of rooms and homes amazing. Such a color also fit many styles. It provides modern and vintage, industrial and glam, coastal and rustic, and many more. This color gives a relaxing fell, and it is long lasting. Today, I am gonna share a lot of blue eye-candies for you who scream for blue. The topic will be blue kitchens in different tones. Let’s go down and find them!

Blue Kitchen Cabinetry

Choose the blue color as you like for your cabinets. You are free to choose it because everything is possible. You can choose a soft pastel blue and pale blue, cobalt, or navy blue.  Pale blue, patience, and other peaceful shades are correctly used in coastal, rustic, shabby chic and vintage kitchens, but still, you may use them for different styles. Various shades of blue can be more shining if it is paired with brass or copper handles and touches throughout the kitchen. It will look luxurious in some of your homes.

Pastel shades are amazing for vintage, shabby chic, coastal, and other styles. It will be more stand out with white or neutral countertops of marble or tile backsplashes. To add glam and chic look, you may go for brass and copper. If you want any eye-catchy touch, having mosaic tiles is a good idea.

For you who have retro or vintage kitchen style, bold shades of blue like cobalt and electric will be fabulous. It also fit modern style. You can make the cabinetry even more outstanding with white marble or tile backsplashes. White or natural wood countertops will add a rustic touch to it.

Dark blue shades are an excellent choice for modern, industrial, vintage, and just moody kitchens. You can add white tiles and marble or choose neutral grey to avoid making your kitchen too dark. If the kitchen become very dark and you do not want it to steal the visual of your space, you can go for white suspended cabinets and dark blue ones on the floor. This will make your kitchen look light.

Blue Kitchen Islands

Trying the blue kitchen island is a great idea for you who are not ready to have a blue kitchen or can not change color. This way will add a coastal or seaside nuance to the kitchen or just add the colorful touch to space in a smart move. You can link the kitchen island to space with the same countertops if you are lack of blue details here. Get inspired!

A Turquois Blue Cabinets With Some Vintage Bowls On It

A Blue Wooden Kitchen Cabinets With A Vase Of Flowers On It And A Chandelier Over It

A Dusty Blue Kitchen Cabinets With Some Pots Of Plants On It

A Pale Blue Kitchen Cabinets With Some Jars And A Bowl Of Fruits On It

A Dark Blue Kitchen Island With Marble Countertop, And Some Chairs Around It

A Bold Blue Kitchen Cabinets With A Pot And A Bowl Of Fruits On It

A Dark Blue Kitchen Island With White Marble Countertop, And A Vase Of Flowers On It Completed With A Lamp Over It

A Coastal Shade Kitchen Island With Marble Countertop, And Some Chairs Around It Lighted With Some Chandeliers

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