A Winery Transformed into a Beautiful House in Red Mortar Finish

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Altering and transforming old things to new ones has been a trend in the world of home design and interior décor. It includes the alteration of old furniture items as well as old buildings. One thing in common is that they will have a brand new look while their functions may even get boosted. Many designers and architects have gotten requests to transform old buildings such as a barn, country house, warehouse, or even winery to be modern residential houses. Well, there is an example of that matter as the work of the Extra studio. The studio has its base in Lisbon which has recently altered a winery in the southern area of Portugal to a comfy family home.

The exterior of the house is so iconic since it is covered in red-pigmented mortar. Aside from the exterior finish alteration, the renovation brings light wells as well as a black-bottomed swimming pool to enhance the functionality of the house further. The secret to maintaining the coherence of the old and new parts of the walls is the red-pigmented mortar. Rough texture alongside lighter and darker pigmentation patches can be seen all over the walls which create just the same look all over them. No coats of paint needed at all to resurface the walls later on. The walls will just age gradually and change the tonality nicely along the years in the future.

A formerly long window was cut that is fitted with black glass doors for better connectivity of the living space and the garden. The sliding mechanism of the doors saves the use of space when it is opened. There is a swimming pool at the rear of the garden area in its rising build. The pool looks nice with orange trees and plant-covered wall. The seamless flow of the interior and the exterior area is a nice feature of this house.

Meanwhile the interior there are mirrors in the lounge to reflect lights for visually larger space. Pale concrete flooring along with white painted walls is all over the interior to create a bright appeal. The entrance hall is a tall area with low and high windows in their function. The first-floor houses bathrooms and bedrooms in connection to the attic room in small size. The walls, ceiling, and floors are painted white to maximize the light inside the rooms. Roof lights and porthole windows complete the rooms and supply abundant natural lights.

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Trees Greeneries Black Bottom Pool Outdoor Loungers

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