A Vintage Home in Pastel Tones that Embrace Scandinavian Beauty

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A Scandinavian style of interior decoration is not always that boring with the monochrome color scheme. It is true that monochrome color scheme is the basic idea of Scandinavian spaces. Today there have been more and more people who combine different treatments of interior decorating to create a rather different result of some commonly known styles of interior decoration. So, to enhance the look of the interior décor, it is possible that pastel tones and colorful splashes are added to the Scandinavian style of decoration. There is an example of a soft color scheme incorporated in a Stockholm home designer’s house. Her name is Amelia Widell who has been so skillfully designed end decorated her house in soft hues despite if the Scandinavian appeal all over it.

The main living area that is the living room has a standard backdrop of Scandinavian space. It is finished in the neutral color scheme in which there are colorful furniture items all over the area. The sofa has an eye catchy soft pink tone followed by an armchair finished in deep purple. To add more colors into the living room, there are framed colorful paintings and drawings as well as photos there. A few natural elements there are in the form of several greeneries to freshen the space as well as adding more colors.

The kitchen of this Scandinavian space has the grey main tone with a beautiful mosaic tiles flooring alongside vintage style chandelier above. The wooden top dining table is there alongside some wooden chairs in matching appeal. Natural lights enter the kitchen freely with the absence of curtains. It is a pretty decent move to bring more sunlight into a Scandinavian space with colorful touches like this one. Meanwhile, the bedroom has its greyish blue shade with the vintage sideboard. Greeneries can be seen in the bedroom to boost the décor in the simplest way possible. There are colorful items as well including creamy daybed, dark green ottoman and blue poufs.

Well, it has been a successful attempt done by a designer to beautify her own house. Amelia Widell has proven that adding more colors into a Scandinavian space as her house is a good thing to liven up the entire decoration without sacrificing the authentic characteristics of the décor. So, a Scandinavian style interior décor is not necessarily dark and moody or even plain and boring anymore, right?

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Soft Pink Sofa Accent Pillows Flowers Decorative Plants Books Wooden Shelves Framed Photos Wall Artworks Deep Purple Chair White Textured Rug Hanging Lamp

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