A Unique Y-Shaped Summer Cabin

The Y Shape Part Of The Cabin Look From Outside

Hello pals! Today, I would like to talk about a summer cabin that is unique and very interesting. Pine louvres cover the glazed sides of this cabin by Oslo studio Lund Hagem Arkitekter, which forks at one end to present two large windows towards slopes in Norway’s Kvitfjell ski resort. Lund Hagem Arkitekter arranged the cabin on one of the highest buildable plots in the resort. This gives the cabin clear views facing the southeast where the clopping terrain is populated by birch and pine trees.

The client want to have ‘a summer cabin in a winter landscape’, then the designer try to make it real during the design process. Glazed walls fill the cabin, but the batons of timber which covers the exterior make the interior to be less exposed and cozier. The slats, which also protect a linear terrace, have been treated with iron sulphate that will make the greying process of the wood faster.

The cabin and the additional spaces were built on stilts, raised from the ground. This action is done in order to touch the ground in the lightest manner possible. A kind of a courtyard was created by positioning two volumes close to the neighboring limits. Such a design give a privacy from the neighbors but still get beautiful evening sun during Easter and summer.

Let’s have a look at the inside. Oiled oak boards lining the floor and ceiling have a role to create a cozy atmosphere. The sections of the walls are paneled with pine in dark color.

The lounge features one prong of the Y-shaped plan and this space is completed with fleece-covered chairs and a hanging wood-burning stove. The kitchen area exists behind a starker appearance with dark wood paneled walls and light cabinetry. A metal kitchen island provides the sink and cooking plate which is placed in the center of the room. The crockery, and oven, and other cooking utensils are kept in a pair of deep wooden cabinets.

There are also bedroom and bathroom in this building, since a bedroom and a bathroom is very important to be built in a home. A master bedroom and an en-suite bathroom is placed in the second prong of the plan. There are three other bedrooms in this building. The three further bedrooms run along one side of the tail of the Y. The spaces inside this unique building is designed to fill all areas of this home.

A Metal Kitchen Island Placed Near A Cabinet Full Of Kitchen Utensils

The Cabin Look From Outside Facing Great Views

A Round Table With White Furry Chairs Placed On A Rug In A Room With Glazed Walls And Wooden Floor And Ceiling

The Y Shape Part Of The Cabin Look From Outside

A Sofa Placed Facing A Large Glass Walls

A Built In Fireplace In The Corner Of Glazed Walls

The Cabin Look From Outside

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