A Unique Set of Furniture to Connects People Using It

Equilibrium Loungers Metal Frame Red Ropes Girls Sitting On It

Furniture items with unique concepts can easily be found today. The fact that modern decoration style is so popular is one of many reasons that unique furniture items are there within the market. Such unique items will be needed to enhance the look of any space either indoor or outdoor. The unique aspect is not just in term of the look and shape of furniture items. There are even unique features as well as unique ways that certain furniture items can deliver. The EQUILIBRIUM is one of many furniture collections that can be considered to be nothing else but unique. Well, how could that be?

Sima plies the furniture collection called EQUILIBRIUM has its main concept to connect people upon its use. Despite the highly minimalist appeal of itself, the concept to connect people is a rare one that can be found in modern furniture items. This furniture collection by Maria Dal Canto alongside Lena Holzer is outdoor furniture which can be used in any outdoor spaces. The design and the build of this furniture item combine loungers, benches, and picnic tables in one collection. Thus the idea of connecting people can be seen there, right?

The base of the furniture items within this EQUILIBRIUM collection is simple iron frame as the background color. The red cords take the spotlight of objects that can match them when they are used. The ropes will remain loose in soft arches when they are not used. The concept of connecting people is there within the use of the items. The ropes will fall through so that sitting alone will be uncomfortable. On the other hand, when two people are sitting there, the ropes will deliver the proper function to provide seating spot for two. See, there is the way to connect people for sure really.

There is a possibility to untie the ropes and tighten them up whenever it is needed to be using the furniture alone though. Meanwhile, the overall appeal of these items is quite remarkable compared to the many outdoor furnishings of today. That aspect can be the determining factor of it being the favorite of many people. In the end, this so-called EQUILIBRIUM furniture collection will be decent sent of furniture to add the functionality of any outdoor space white of course bringing people to get closer and closer.

Equilibrium Loungers Metal Frame Red Ropes Girls Sitting On It

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