A Unique Geometrical Capsule Style Chair for Modern Décor

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Modern touches in interior decoration have been considered to be the current trend today. More and more people tend to go for modern style in decorating their interior. Furthermore, there are many new items related to home furnishing and interior decoration having a modern appeal all the way. That fact makes it more accessible actually to complete any interior décor in stylish modern style. Both the look as well as the function is considered to be important in contemporary furniture items. So, the decoration will most likely be nice looking and highly functional at the same time.

One example of furniture item with a modern appeal is a chair named The Planet. Even the name is pretty unique for a chair. Well, it is not just a chair for sure. It is unique in term of its shape, appeal and also it’s construction or building. It will be helpful to boost the interior décor where it is located while also offering a bit more privacy when doing something about it. It was designed by MPA to stand out amidst many other modern style furniture items available in the market today.

According to the MPA, it is said to be a miniature of multi-functional refuge to boost privacy while reading, thinking, working, or even do nothing at all. The key is the privacy when doing something on it. It could help people to concentrate and focus better on time in doing anything in it. Such idea makes it perfect to be placed in a small open area of the interior. Small living quarter such as an apartment or a loft will get the benefit of having it without worrying about privacy issues at all. Lobbies, lounges, terraces, or even living rooms will be perfect to be the place for this chair.

It comes in a unique construction with 51 triangular plywood panels or segments, four legs, and triangular metal cover. The inside of the chair comes with a comfortable mattress to enhance better comfort when using it. Inside the capsule chair, there are many more things that include a wireless speaker system, USB charger, LED lamp, a tablet mount, storage pockets, and shelving. It also offers solar panels to be its standalone power source. Indeed it is a perfect companion for everyone to do something in it without distractions from anything when being inside The Planet capsule chair.

Natural Wooden Interior Tablet Docking Floating Shelf Turquoise Mattress Woman Operating Tablet

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