A Unique Eclectic Home, Get Inspired!

Brown Sofa With Cushions And Faux Fur Paired With A Wooden Table With A Vase Of Flower On It

Unique home has a different point of view for people who see it. IIt can draw people’s attention from every detail it has. Some people loves houses because they can see more and more fantastic information by looking at them longer. Today’s topic is about one of the unique homes in the world. The architecture of this home is mid-century with Spanish touches, yet the decor is the fusion of retro with modern, ethnic, and a bit gothic. How cool it is! Are curious enough to see it more? Let’s take a look at it and get amazed!

Let’s see the first room; it is the living room. A whole glazed corner defines the living room with plenty greenery on the outside. A zebra print rug, acrylic chairs, a vintage sofa, and eye-catchy large brass pendant lamps fill the room and stand it out. To bring a boho atmosphere, imitation feather bedding is chosen as a cover for furniture and pillows. The selected of many pillows in different patterns make the nook eclectic. Several pots of the plant are placed to connect the living room with the outdoor area. Such a great idea, isn’t it? Beside the furniture that have been mentioned, there are also some vintage accessories, tree stumps, and large colorful artwork.

Next is the dining area. This space is filled with a large oval table and dusty pink velvet chairs. The dining space looks gorgeous with its black ceiling beams and the touch of a fantastic geometric bulb chandelier which is hanging over the table. A large wood piece bench covered with faux fur and a built-in fireplace does their job to beautify the space. There are also other things like vintage artworks, a floating chair, and some built-in bookshelves. All of the design and the chosen furniture bring the feel of vintage and exquisiteness to space.

If the ordinary kitchen will be done in white, but not in this house. The cooking here is done in Gothic with the sleek matte black cabinets, rich-colored natural wood, marble countertops, and an adorable geometric wallpaper wall. This space is more attractive with some creative chairs and stools, and unique pendant lamps. The choice of the color and the furniture make this space very unique and extraordinary. Wanna see more? Just go down and enjoy!

Some Chairs Covered With Furry Fabric And Some Colorful Pillows Placed On A Zebra Patterned Rug

A Wooden Kitchen Counter With Wooden Chairs Around It Near A Marble Kitchen Island With Wooden Stools

A Marble Round Dining Table With Some Chairs Around It And Two Bookshelf Full Of Books On The Wall Near The Table

A Sofa With White Umbrellas Near An Outdoor Pool

Brown Sofa With Cushions And Faux Fur Paired With A Wooden Table With A Vase Of Flower On It

A Room’s Corner With Bookshelves Full Book And Some Frames Hanging On The Wind

A Table With Some Candles On The Table Pair With A Bench With Faux Fur And Some Colorful Cushion

An Outdoor Pool With A White Umbrella

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