A Unique Cat Tail Pillow Named Qoobo for Those Who Need It

Woman In White Shirt Grey Qoobo Cat Like Pillow With Tail

Some people love to have pets at home in form of cats. Some people may prefer to have dogs as their pets. Yet some people may really want to have a pet but they cannot have it. Many reasons can be there behind the fact that a person cannot have a pet at home. Allergy is definitely one of many reasons of people unable to have a pet at all. Unfortunately there are actually many great things that can be experienced when having at least a pet at home. Those who love to have cats may consider that cats’ fur is pretty delicate to touch and that it is comforting. Some people love the tail wiggling of cats. Well, surprisingly there is a decent product of pillow that imitates the shape of cats’ back and tail.

There is the Qoobo as designed and manufactured by Yukai Engineering for those who cannot have a cat but really want to feel like having a cat. Surely it is allergy free so those who are allergic to cats can use it safely. Basically the idea of this item is to provide comfort to people in form of a pillow. Yet it features the texture of cats’ fur even with a decent addition of robotic set of features in it. So, this pillow will be able to actually response to the touches of its owner like a real cat. Sounds like fun, right?

The pillow in form of a really plushy cushion will wave gently when caressed by its owner. Furthermore when it is rubbed the cats’ tail imitation will swing playfully. The cushions of this pillow can even wags in order to say hello to its owner. It is pretty much like an artificial pet at the end. Those movements area designed carefully and accordingly to really imitate the natural response of real cats. The proper responses of the robotic features in this Qoobo pillow will help comfort anyone interacting with it just like petting a real cat.

Different materials were used in the manufacturing of thus pillow so that different parts will deliver the highest level of realism. Furthermore the selection of materials is also crucial in the movement of the tail there. Within the company of Yukai Engineering the engineers are hoping to develop this Qoobo pillow further for better products and even more realistic experiences in the future to all of its users.

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Woman In White Shirt Grey Qoobo Cat Like Pillow With Tail

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