A Unique Bedroom Décor with Graphic Floral Printed Wallpaper

Wide Headboard Wall Artwork Upholstered Headboard Metal Bedside Tables Flowers Metal Tray Round Pillow White Pillows Books Wall Lamp

A bedroom is a place that should be unique to reflect its owner. There have been many great ideas and inspirations out there to help people creating their sanctuary in the bedroom. Anything inside a bedroom can be personalized to get just the only one appeal and atmospheres like no other rooms and spaces. This particular bedroom is another inspirational one with the use of graphic floral print as its wall covering. It is beautiful, peaceful and whimsical at the same time in that perfect mix of tones and patterns all around its corners.

The critical elements of this particular bedroom are graphic floral print wallpaper and soft blue shade. That perfect mix can be seen all over the space to be the show-stopper. The design is done by a designer named Katie Leede with just a special edition of a working corner as well. It can be considered to be a smart idea to combine the graphic floral print wallpaper with soft blue wainscoting to set the whimsical mood of the bedroom itself.

Aside from that mix as the main design element of the bedroom, vaulted ceiling and painted ceiling beams can boost the look of the décor further. Overall the entire area is in a harmonious look with the same shade of blue as the wainscoting panels. Another decent part of this bedroom is the use of sleigh upholstered bed. That particular type of bed is an iconic one that is highly comfortable as well. The bed is in dark finished legs with just the same shade as the upholstery color. Meanwhile, the lighting fixture of this bedroom is an incredible one with that unique shape. It is okay to be called structural aside of just being practical as a light. There is white fluffy faux fur rug as well to add coziness and inviting atmosphere of the bedroom. There are two metal bedside tables in different shape and design that add a unique flair to the overall décor.

The workspace is just right there at the opposite of the bed. A sawhorse desk is there with rectangular glass surface along with an upholstered chair. A unique wall décor in the form of sunbeam made of wood is there accentuating the working area. Overall this bedroom has a perfect harmony of anything from its appearance to its function which is a comfortable and enjoyable one.

Wide Headboard Wall Artwork Upholstered Headboard Metal Bedside Tables Flowers Metal Tray Round Pillow White Pillows Books Wall Lamp

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