A Townhouse from the 50s with Stunning Interior Décor and Views

Marble Clad Bathroom Large Bathtub White Wooden Floating Vanity White Curtains Wooden Flooring Glazed Walls Ceiling Lights Large Bathroom Mirror

Even an old building can be altered just by doing some tricks along the renovation. There is an example of an old townhouse in New York originated from the 50s. It has just been renovated by Alexander Gorlin Architects in which the new look of it is just awesome. There is nothing that looks like old building stuff right there. It has one interesting feature though which is the view to enjoy from its interior. Overall the building looks nice from the outside and the inside. Its interior combines designer furniture items, beautiful arts, and stunning décor with that wonderful view of its surrounding to enjoy at all times.

The living room of this townhouse as the main social area has light shades all over it. Wooden floor alongside modern looking fireplace is the main focus of the décor in this space. An addition to a cool looking rug is a nice tough accompanied by polka dot themed décor to accentuate the overall appeal of the living room. Meanwhile, the dining area has a wooden table paired with bold red chairs. The location is the same as the living room in an open plan. The glazed wall of this open floor plan is the way to really enjoy the view of the areas around this house from either the dining space or the living space. It can even be said to the focal point of the space.

On the other side of the house, there is a library finished in light-colored wood alongside comfy furniture pieces. Overall the library is an inviting one as well as a comfortable one to spend a long time reading and enjoying some books. The kitchen area is done in a modern combination of silver and white. It really is a neat space and a really comfortable spot to do anything related to cooking and eating of course. Well, there is the master bedroom finished in marble cladding. Surely that is a clever way of making the space looks really glam.

Obviously, there are some private spaces as well within the house including the bedroom. Aside from that space, the mentioned areas have been so stunning in term of the decoration. It looks really brand new despite the fact that the original building was built back in the time of the 50s. Another important thing is that size does not matter at all in creating a beautiful interior décor with just the needed functions all around it.

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Marble Clad Bathroom Large Bathtub White Wooden Floating Vanity White Curtains Wooden Flooring Glazed Walls Ceiling Lights Large Bathroom Mirror

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